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5 Things We Learned About Meal Prep from Instagram — On Trend

By now it's probably obvious that we're pretty obsessed with meal prepping at Kitchn. Sure, it might not be as sexy as whipping something up on the fly, but meal prepping provides a host of benefits, including saving you money, helping you eat more healthfully, and ensuring that those hanger pains stay at bay.

While there are a ton of posts out there for recipe ideas and schedules for meal prepping, sometimes the only way to get inspired is by seeing it in action, which is why I love looking through the #mealprep tag on Instagram. Here are a handful of things that become painfully clear about meal prepping when you scroll through.


Ina Garten Shares the One Ingredient You’ll Never Find in Her Cookbooks — Kitchen Heroes

Ina Garten, empress of the kitchen, is the author of 10 cookbooks which have sold millions of copies over the years. From the best roast chicken to airy pavlovas, all of Ina's recipes tell the same story: Good food brings people together. Armed with her cookbooks, you can figure out what to make for a simple weeknight dinner to a more elaborate gathering of friends.

But there's one thing you definitely won't find in any of her books: It turns out that Ina has very strong opinions about a certain controversial ingredient. In a recent interview on Vice's podcast "Munchies," Ina explains the ingredient you'll never find in her cookbooks.


Twitter Is Obsessed With This Brilliant Way to Save Recipes — Food Media

The way we have saved our favorite recipes has changed drastically in the last couple decades. Recipe cards were the norm in the past, alongside clipping recipes out of magazines and newspapers. But then came the internet, and with it new ways to keep track of recipes were available, including Paprika and Pinterest. It can't get much easier than these digital, right? What could possibly be better?

Well, it turns out that there actually might be an easier way to keep track of your most-used recipes — and if you're reading this on mobile it's staring you right in the face. Last week on Twitter writer Adam Erace said he used his phone contact list to save the basic recipes and ratios he uses all the time. When he wants to use a recipe, he simply asks Siri to pull it up on his iPhone.

Seriously, how brilliant is that?


Meet the 13 New Food Emojis Coming Soon to a Device Near You — Food News

Emojis have become an essential way to communicate via text — after all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Of the 1,851 emojis available to users, only 62 pertain to food — that's a little over three percent. Not a lot! That's why I'm so excited about the recent emoji update, which will include 13 brand-new food emojis to express your feelings and desires via text. Rejoice!


Print These 5 Recipes from the New York Times Before You Have to Pay — Food Media

Yesterday Sam Sifton announced that the cooking section of the New York Times is going to go behind a paywall. Readers and cooks can sign up for a 28-day free trial, but after that they have to pay five dollars a month to get access to recipes. If you already have a New York Times subscription, you can access the cooking site as a part of that package.

This change, according to Sifton, is not to punish readers, but to let editors and recipe developers continue to produce an excellent product. "The work we do is expensive, and we want to do more of it. We travel ceaselessly, and cook every day. We test our recipes relentlessly. We photograph and make videos about them, we think beautifully," says Sifton in the announcement.


The 10 Best Food Podcasts for a Road Trip — Road Trips for Food-Lovers

As anyone who has taken to the open road can tell you, road trips are the perfect time to queue up a podcast. Not only will it keep your mind busy during long stretches of travel, but once you lose yourself in the story, it will also make those miles fly by.

The best part? Food podcasts are booming. What was once a niche market has exploded, and high-quality podcasts about all aspects of the food world are just a few clicks away.

Whether you want to gain insight into the workings of the food industry, be enlightened by a celebrity in the food world, or dive deep into a particular ingredient or culture, there's a perfect food-based podcast for you.


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