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10 #MiracleMeals from Real Cooks — Kitchn on Instagram

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A couple weeks ago we talked about the concept of the miracle meal. These are the meals that come together with minimal stress and very few ingredients that end up being delicious and satisfying. As Meghan described it, "These are the meals that keep the love of family meals alive — especially when meal planning doesn't go as planned." They're not perfect, but they get the job done, and you end up feeling better about what you accomplished as a result.

We asked our readers on Instagram to use the hashtag #miraclemeal to show us what dish saved the day when they didn't feel like cooking. We got a ton of great ideas that we felt compelled to share. Hopefully one of these 10 ideas will inspire you when you need it most.

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Did Instagram Ruin the Dinner Party? — Crappy Dinner Parties

Twelve years ago, when I was young, single, and living in Nashville, Tennessee, I began hosting a weekly Tuesday night dinner party. My friends knew they had a standing invite to come over around 7 p.m. for dinner. They brought the wine; I made the food. To help cover the cost of ingredients, everyone generously threw in a few dollars.

It was nothing fancy — the mere fact that it was on a weeknight meant that I had minimal time to prep the food and set the table — but it was a chance for our friends to gather around my yellow table for a simple, homemade meal and good conversation. Sometimes five friends showed up, other times there were 15. When it was a larger group, we'd set up a folding card table and chairs to provide extra seating.

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These Are the Top Food Trends for 2016, According to Pinterest — On Trend

This week Pinterest released their Flavor Report for 2016. For this report, Pinterest analyzed billions of food and drink pins to see what recipes and ingredients have been trending since 2015. They were able to categorize these findings into five major trends. Have you found yourself using these ingredients and recipes in your own kitchen?


Can We All Just Admit That Smoothie Bowls Are Big Fat Lies? — On Trend

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, and people are (gasp!) already starting to talk about oatmeal and Pumpkin Spice Lattes, I think it's time to address a breakfast trend that has been all over Instagram and Pinterest during sunny, warm-weather months.

I'm just going to come right out and say it: Smoothie bowls are nothing but big fat lies.


This Is the Most Popular Breakfast Sandwich on Pinterest — On Trend

When a yogurt parfait or smoothie just won't cut it in the morning, a breakfast sandwich will surely be your ticket to breakfast success. What recipe do you fall on to keep hunger at bay? Do you go the classic bacon, egg, and cheese route? Do you reach for a bagel? Do you opt for the freezer-friendly breakfast sandwich?

Well, the internet has spoken. Pinterest has dubbed this the most popular breakfast sandwich on its platform — it has been saved over 75,000 times. Have you tried this yet?


Feeling Stressed? Watch This Woman Decorate Cookies on Instagram. — Fun Food

(Image credit: @sweetambs)

The weekend is over and Monday is here. Are you feeling a little stressed about work and other obligations for the coming week? Take a quick break and watch these soothing cookie-decorating videos from @sweetambs on Instagram. With 945,000 followers, this Instagram star has some serious decorating skills. My favorite videos of hers are the ones where she makes cookies look like other foods — pancakes, cereal, watermelon, and more.


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