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Watch Someone Peel a Hard-Boiled Egg with a Wine Glass — Kitchn Tricks

Hard-boiled eggs are notoriously hard to peel and everyone seems to have a tip or trick that works for them. Some have a three-step method involving ice water, others swear by adding a little baking soda to the water, and still others live by the standard crack-and-peel method. They're tedious and there's room for error, but every method eventually gets the job done.

Now, a YouTube video has offered a different take: using a wine glass.


The Most Satisfying Cleaning Video You’ll Ever See — Food Media

There are a plethora of "satisfying" videos to watch on the internet, and many of them revolve around food. There's the cake decorating videos we can't get enough of, and the Instagram boomerangs of someone squishing cheese, and mesmerizing videos of fresh pasta being cut. I've spent way too many hours of my life watching these kinds of videos over and over again, and I think I just found my favorite.

I recently stumbled upon the subreddit power washing porn, which shows extreme examples of power washing around the home. It's mostly GIFs and videos of concrete and patio furniture, but one GIF shows someone cleaning their kitchen floors and it's very, very satisfying to watch.


Here’s Proof That the Rock Has a Secret Sweet Tooth — Kitchen Heroes

(Image credit: @therock)

You know that game where you list three people — dead or alive — who you would invite to an imaginary dinner party? The Rock would be on my list. When he's not running around film sets or working out for endless hours at the gym, he's talking to his fans on Instagram. And he's just so nice! So personal! Who wouldn't want to have him over for dinner? I bet he'd even offer to do the dishes.

The only problem becomes what to cook for the Rock. His diet is pretty protein-heavy: There's so much cod (like, lots and lots of cod), and then there's eggs, steak, vegetables, and potatoes. Unless he's on one of his epic cheat days, chances are that dinner party food is going to be pretty simple, and it definitely won't end with a piece of chocolate cake.

Or will it? It turns out that the Rock actually has a sweet tooth and we found the proof on Instagram today.


Twitter Is Not Happy About This “Low-Calorie” Avocado Mac & Cheese — Food Media

When the internet revolts against a "healthy" recipe, things can get ugly pretty fast. So when Glow by PopSugar created a video for a "low-cal" avocado mac and cheese recipe back in November 2016, it quickly went viral, but not necessarily for a good reason. You see, the brand suggested subbing in avocado for traditional cheese, but then added goat cheese to the mix and topped it with low-cal mozzarella. They also topped the mac and cheese with gluten-free bread crumbs (almonds!) but then failed to say they were using gluten-free pasta. So what was the point of this recipe?


This Is What Ina Garten Has for Breakfast Every Day — Kitchen Heroes

(Image credit: @inagarten)

Ina Garten is the author of 10 cookbooks (and counting) and has served up recipes for 15 years on the Food Network, so it might come as a surprise to you that the queen of cooking has the same thing for breakfast every day. Yes, the same thing! While she might like to change things up for her dinner parties, Ina says she starts her day the same way every morning.

On a recent interview on Vice's podcast "Munchies," Ina dives into her simple but satisfying breakfast with the editor-in-chief of Munchies, Helen Hollyman.


Twitter Is Revolting Against This Strange Coffee Hack — Food News

Word to the wise: Think twice before airing your dirty food confessions on social media. Specifically, keep your off-beat food pairings off Twitter if you don't want to provoke the wrath of food traditionalists.


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