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Chrissy Teigen Is Searching for 6 Brown Bananas on Twitter — Kitchen Heroes

This past weekend Chrissy Teigen casually mentioned on Twitter that she was interested in making banana bread, but she didn't seem to have the perfect brown bananas. Some people threw out ideas on how to brown bananas quickly, but Teigen didn't engage. Brown bananas aren't that hard to come by — you just leave them out on the counter for a bit — so we assumed that Teigen had found what she needed. But apparently this wasn't the case.


You Need to See Melissa McCarthy Compete in This Fake Cooking Contest — Food News

In the wild world of cooking competitions, anything can happen. A combination of cutthroat competitive attitudes, forgotten ingredients, broken tools, and dropped (read: destroyed) dishes can cause quick descents into madness. But nothing quite captures the hilarious frenzy quite like the forthcoming mockumentary-style comedy, Cook Off!


Twitter Is Not Happy About This Meal Prepping Idea — Food Media

(Image credit: Kelli Foster)

Food stylists know a thing or two about how to present a meal. And there's some merit to the notion of focusing on how food looks: Some research has found that the way food is presented can make it more (or less) appetizing for the individual consuming it.


The Best Sandwich-Making Tips, According to the Internet — Food News

There are really very few things that are better than a well-made sandwich. It might not have taken a genius to come up with the idea of putting their meal between two pieces of bread, but whoever it was, I thank you. We all thank you. There's something so incredibly satisfying about biting into that glorious stack of layers and getting an even amount of bread, spread, cheese, lettuce, tomato, seasoning, and meat.

The only problem with sandwiches is that they are frequently poorly made. But we can't blame that sad disgrace on the sandwich — no, the blame rests solidly on the shoulders of the unfortunate soul who constructed it. It must have been for this very reason that a Reddit user asked one of the most important questions that has perhaps ever graced the unwieldy social news site: "What's the best advice you've ever received for making a sandwich better?"


The One Book Ina Garten Can’t Get Enough Of — Kitchen Heroes

(Image credit: Quentin Bacon)

Ina Garten is a household name with 10 cookbooks under her belt and a cult-favorite cooking show The Barefoot Contessa. While Garten's food expertise is renown, the chef has book recommendations up her sleeve as well.


This Is the Best Episode of Barefoot Contessa — Food TV

When challenged to track down the best Barefoot Contessa episode, I was sure it would feature beach picnics, themed dinner parties, or the company of much-adored Jeffrey, sighing into pasta. I hadn't watched a new episode in years, preferring to treat Barefoot Contessa like a security blanket or comfort food. I returned to the early episodes again and again, ready to be soothed by the dulcet tones of "How bad can that be?" and the crinkle of linen shirts.

Then I watched episode four from Season 23, "Cook Like a Pro: Fearless Food."

Never before have I felt like a Food Network star was peering directly into my soul and telling me exactly how to sort out my life alongside my pastry dough.

I want this for you, intrepid viewer. To watch that swingy quasi-lob, to bliss out on the ASMR scrape and clink of metal teaspoons, to get a weird and powerful infusion of courage from watching a woman eat soufflé with a giant ladle.

Lets dig in, shall we?


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