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5 Instagrammers to Follow If You Love Kale — Healthy Living

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To say that I am kale-obsessed is an understatement. A hearty kale salad turns me into a heart-eye emoji. But Allie, you're thinking, kale is so 2015. Yes, that was the year that Beyonce rocked the kale sweatshirt that launched a thousand kale sweatshirts. But kale is still cool! Also delicious and nutritious and you'll feel really virtuous eating it.

If you're looking for some #kalespiration, give these five Instagrammers a follow.


Please Look at These Adorable Photos of Jamie Oliver and His Family — Kitchen Heroes

(Image credit: @jamieoliver)

When it comes to celebrity families, we don't always see the most positive picture painted. Most celebrity families seem a little outlandish in all the wrong ways (you know the ones I'm talking about), but for some reason folks still flock to them.

I'm the type of person who is more enamored of celebrities who seem to work incessantly hard at their family relationships as they do their business. Jamie Oliver and his crew are pretty much at the top of that list.


The One Food Magazine You Should Buy in October — Between the Covers

We're huge food magazine junkies. We blogged about (and cooked from) monthly food mags for nine years over on The Bitten Word. We haven't been writing about them for the past year or so, but we've still been reading and enjoying them. So when the Kitchn team approached us about writing a column, we jumped at the chance.

There are a ton of food magazines out there. Deciding which ones to buy and which ones to cook from can be more than a little overwhelming. And if you subscribe to one or two, it's easy to fall into a rut.

That's where we come in. Each month, we're going to sift through a pile of the latest food magazines and tell you which one we think is the one to read that month. If you're only going to buy or read one magazine, this would be the one.


Instagram Is Freaking Out Over This Breakfast “Hack” from Food Network — Pop Culture

You never know what's going to get people riled up over next. This week it was a suggestion from the Food Network on Instagram for making your morning routine easier. Who doesn't love a good food hack, right? But when the hack takes longer than the task it's trying to replace, look out — the internet will come after you!


Nigella Lawson Thinks Instagram Is Ruining Comfort Food — Pop Culture

(Image credit: @nigellalawson)

A question for the ages: If you spend an hour in the kitchen creating a wholesome, nourishing, delicious meal from scratch and don't Instagram it, did it ever really happen? (More importantly, who is actually eating all those smoothie bowls on Instagram?)

Nigella Lawson, whose new cookbook hits shelves this week, recently wrote in the Guardian about the many ways in which the internet has changed the way we cook.


Watch Gordon Ramsay Critique Toddlers in This MasterChef Junior Spoof — Food Media

Everyone knows — and either loves or hates — Gordon Ramsay for his hot-headed alter-ego on Hell's Kitchen and blunt criticism on MasterChef. But the sharp-tongued chef has a sweet spot for the kiddos he judges on MasterChef Junior, where he offers hugs and encouraging words to tweens under stress behind the burners.


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