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How To Make Classic Spanakopita — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

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I've been very lucky. I learned to make spanakopita, the Greek spinach and feta casserole encased in filo dough, from a variety of sources — even without the benefit of a Greek grandmother by my side. I had books, I had friends, and eventually, I had professional cooks show me. I've also spent a lifetime eating it and enjoying every bite in diners, upscale restaurants, and, yes, versions made by someone else's loving Greek grandmother.

I noticed a few key things along the way, learned lessons from trial and error, and have modified my recipe over the years to create a fail-proof pie (it's all in how you fold it), with a filling so rich and flavorful you'll wonder why you waited so long to make this a part of your home-cooking repertoire.


The Top 5 Kitchen Scraps to Turn into Plants — The Living Kitchen with Abbye Churchill

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Here's the truth: Not all plants are created equal. Some actually are more flavorful, more robust, and more delicious than others. And so instead of tossing the scraps from that amazing piece of garlic, mind-blowing potato, or ideal onion, why not get the most bang for your buck and use its winning genes to create a new plant?


Hey, Don’t Forget to Pick Up Some Meyer Lemons While They’re in Season! — Eat This Now

Hi, Kitchn readers!

This is just a check-in to make sure you're getting your fill of all the gorgeous winter citrus still bubbling up at the market. In the dark din of winter, with so little produce at its best, winter citrus is a sparkling oasis.


10 Exciting Ingredients to Gift — The Kitchn Holiday Gift Guide

When it comes to food gifts, we highly suggest anything that's been homemade with love. Unfortunately, this time of year, not everyone has a ton of extra time to make treats for everyone on their list.

Instead, consider gifting one of these fun ingredients. They're more exciting than a bottle of ketchup and not likely something people think to buy for themselves.

Just tie a pretty ribbon around it or put it in a cute gift bag (anything with a polka dot is a win) and call it a day.

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What’s the Difference Between Schnitzel and Wiener Schnitzel? — Word of Mouth

Wiener schnitzel is the same things as schnitzel, right? Not quite. There's some confusion surrounding the schnitzel family of foods — which one is made with veal? Which isn't? It turns out the difference between the two isn't what's most surprising about these dishes — it's what they have in common.

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10 German Dishes and How to Pronounce Them — Bavarian Rhapsody

The German language is full of potential pitfalls and missteps, some more innocuous than others. J.F.K. might have said "Ich bin ein Berliner," but no one really thought he was a jelly donut. In fact, in Berlin, a donut is actually a Pfannkuchen, which translates as "pancake," and if you order a Pfannkuchen in Bonn, you'll get a crepe. In the rest of Germany, a jelly donut is indeed a Berliner — unless you're in Bavaria, in which case it's a Krapfen.

White bread rolls pose a similar dilemma: While you can get the same crunchy-outside-soft-inside roll using the textbook Brötchen around the country, regional names for the simple roll vary. In Berlin, you will order a Schrippe; in Stuttgart, a Weck; a little further South, the diminutive Weckerle; and in the heart of Bavaria, Semmel.

A few hour's drive can mean a whole different dialect — and even when the name stays the same regardless of where in Germany you are, German words are notoriously difficult to pronounce. Do you know how to say Schweinskopfsülze? We didn't think so.

But some German foods are so delicious, it's worth figuring out how to pronounce them. Here are 10 to get you started.

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