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Recipe: Jello and Gummy Candy Fishbowl — Shark Week

(Image credit: Ghazalle Badiozamani)

Above all the things that jello desserts are — easy, tasty, and cool — they are without a doubt the most fun that any dessert can have. Case in point? This fish bowl jello mold. Made from lemon-lime-flavored soda and studded with candy fish and Nerd's gravel, it's probably the most outrageous jello dessert that you can serve up this summer. It's perfect for pool hangs and fin-filled birthday parties. If you've got a kid really into mermaids, they'll love this! Best of all, it's easy enough for the kids to help make.


The One Thing I Always Buy When I Go to the Farmers Market — Farmers Market Supper

Farmers markets are always an embarrassment of riches. So much cheese! Local honey! Fresh bread! And all that farm-fresh produce, of course. Sometimes I'll go with a super-long shopping list and buy up all the things. Sometimes I'll go with no list and still buy up all the things. And sometimes I'll leave nearly empty-handed, buying just one thing.

What's that one thing? A bundle of flowers!


6 Tips for Making Fresh Flowers Last Longer — Tips from The Kitchn

I love getting fresh flowers — hint, hint, husband! — but what I don't love is how quickly they fade. I hate getting a gorgeous bouquet, only to toss it a few days later when the petals start to brown, the leaves are drooping, and the water has turned into a murky mess. And the smell! There are few smells worse than a vase stew of rotting stems and leaves.

But with a little maintenance and a few tricks, you can get extra days of enjoyment out of your cut flowers. Here are a few things you can do to keep your bouquet looking fresh for longer.


Your Kitchen Table Needs This Clever Pegboard Hack — The Great Kitchen Pegboard

It's been no secret lately how much we love pegboards. We love them in a drawer to organize dishes; we really love them on a wall to hold, well, anything; and now, we love them on the table! Just look at this wedding table centerpiece from Fabulously Designed, a luxury flower and events company based in Las Vegas and Southern California.


3 Greens That Make Easy (and Pretty) Centerpieces — I dream of green

Well, it's not peony season at Trader Joe's just yet. And ranunculus and anemone aren't particularly cheap or plentiful either, so what's a girl supposed to do for a dinner party centerpiece? You could go the route of supermarket carnations or roses, but if you're looking to try something a little different and springy, why not give plants a go? Greenery is the Pantone Color of the Year, after all.

Follow these bloggers' leads for your next gathering.


Ina Garten’s Best Tip for Decorating Your Dining Table — Kitchen Heroes

(Image credit: barefoot contessa)

It's easy to look through Pinterest and label yourself as uninspired, not crafty, or a total failure (no, just me?). Let's take gorgeous dining table settings as an example. How many times have you seen some crafty, chic thing that some blogger created for their Thanksgiving table? How many times have you seen a beautiful place setting that you know must have cost your entire paycheck and then some?

Well, I'm here to tell you it doesn't need to be like that. Ina Garten — our patron saint of all things entertaining and food — has given us her approval for simple, casual dining settings. If I can do this, you can do this.


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