Aldi’s Wine Advent Calendar Is Everything You Need This Holiday Season — Grocery News

A traditional advent calendar keeps a daily countdown exciting with chocolates or confections, and sometimes even beauty products and trinkets. But for wine-lovers, there is a new option in town this holiday season that promises to shake things up: Grocery chain Aldi has a booze advent calendar that houses six bottles' worth of wine.


You Probably Don’t Clean This One Thing All That Often — And That’s Okay! — Cleaning Tips from The Kitchn

I am a person who likes to stay hydrated. I typically keep a big water bottle at my desk, a little one in my purse, and another big one in the car. If I see a water fountain (I know, I know: germs), I take advantage and fill up whatever vessel I happen to have with me. Because heaven forbid I don't have access to water for five minutes.

And now that you know I'm willing to drink out of a public water fountain, I'll admit something else: I almost never clean those water bottles. I'll let that desk water bottle sit there for weeks before I notice the formerly clear glass is looking sort of … opaque, and then I'll get out my favorite bottle brush and be shocked and disgusted at how much cleaner it looks when I'm done.

In an effort to find out whether I'm poisoning myself, I reached out to Dr. Chuck Gerba, a professor of microbiology at University of Arizona. Turns out it's not so bad!


The 2-Ingredient Cocktail Everyone in Lisbon Is Drinking — Travel Intelligence

I have always said (mostly to myself, but also to anyone who will listen) that Europeans are the best day-drinkers. They have always managed to strike the right balance of refreshing and relaxing that comes from a drink that is just boozy enough. Consider Italy's Aperol Spritz or Spain's Rebujito, a mix of sherry and lemon-lime soda, or the Kalimoxto, a combination of red wine and coke that's popular in Basque country.

My recent trip to Portugal confirmed my theory — and introduced me to a two-ingredient cocktail that will serve me well as summer turns to fall.


This Frozen Mimosa Is What Brunch Dreams Are Made Of — Delicious Links

(Image credit: Foodness Gracious)

By now you've probably heard of frosé, or frozen rosé — but have you heard of frozecco? Essentially a frozen mimosa, with orange juice, Prosecco, and ice, a glass of frozecco is the perfect thing to serve at brunch this weekend.


Pumpkin Spice Lattes Are Officially Back at Starbucks for 2017 — Food News

(Image credit: Starbucks)

Fall has become synonymous with one particular squash-themed beverage: the Pumpkin Spice Latte. The Starbucks drink has spiked in popularity and each year fans eagerly wait to learn when the drink will make its debut. If you've been twiddling your thumbs waiting for your favorite coffee drink, then I have good news: Starbucks announced today that its fall menu has officially been released and it includes the Pumpkin Spice Latte, or PSL.


20 Recipes That Prove Apple Cider Vinegar Belongs in Every Kitchen — Recipes from The Kitchn

Yes, you've had apple cider vinegar (or ACV, if you prefer) in your cabinet for years, but it's currently having a moment. Whether you're drinking it straight or getting ready to pickle everything in sight, apple cider vinegar is truly a pantry staple.

If your bottle has sat unused and unloved for too long, you probably just need some new ways to use it. You're in luck! These 15 recipes rely on ACV to varying degrees, but they all wouldn't be the same without it. Now the only question you have to answer is filtered or unfiltered?


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