Recipe: Almond Peach Pit Milk — Recipes from The Kitchn

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When you're knee-deep in peaches this summer and you've got their sticky juice running down to your elbows, make this recipe. It actually doesn't call for the sweet, fleshy fruit at all — it calls for the pits, those nubby, hard-as-rock things that usually get thrown into the trash or compost pile. They might not look like much, but they hold a whole lot of flavor inside. Here, when steeped in almond milk, they transform a seemingly simple-looking glass of the non-dairy stuff into one with serious character: It's deeper in almond flavor and just ever-so-slightly reminiscent of peaches. Drink it straight; pour it over granola, museli, and oatmeal; or use it to make a peach smoothie even peachier.


Put Those Cherries & Berries to Use with This Summer Sangria — Delicious Links

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It's summer, which means berries and cherries are in season right now at your local farmers market. Grab a couple pints, then mix up a pitcher of this sangria. It's light, refreshing, and perfect for patio parties. What more could you want?


Recipe: Sparkling Strawberry Cucumber Sangria — Pitcher Cocktails

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This pitcher sangria is all you need to start a party this summer. Invite a few friends over, stir it up, and consider the remaining details unimportant. You could throw a few burgers on the grill, make some sides, and feel like a champion. But honestly, even if you just scraped together whatever hunks of cheese you have in the fridge, set out that half-empty tub of hummus, and then ordered in pizza, it would still be a celebration. That's because this sangria is fruity, fresh, and, most importantly, fizzy — and bubbles always make for a party.


10 Drinks for This 4th of July — Recipes from The Kitchn

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In addition to the flag cake and sparklers, your Fourth of July celebration is going to need an equally fun and festive lineup of drinks. The very best ones are refreshing, easy to stir together ahead of time, and serve a crowd. From a star-studded wine sparkler and a bomb pop pitcher cocktail, to watermelon mint frosé and strawberry-basil sodas, these 10 drinks are perfect for sipping this Fourth of July.


This New Coffee Line Will Be Your Girlmore Girls Dream Come True — Pop Culture

The trademark speed at which Rory and Lorelai speak in the Gilmore Girls franchise can be attributed to a globally loved bean juice (more commonly known as coffee). The two characters are seen frequenting Luke's Diner for their regular cup of java throughout the series, which was on air from 2000 to 2007 and later revived for a season by Netflix last November.

While both the town of Stars Hollow and the character Luke Danes are fictional elements of the show, actor Scott Patterson — who plays Danes on the series — is turning art into reality by launching his own line of coffee, reports Hello Giggles. Prepare to freak out a little bit.


Starbucks Summer Special Is Everything You Need Right Now — Pop Culture

(Image credit: Starbucks)

Brace yourselves, Starbucks fans — the coffee chain has a great summer "buy one, get one" special going on right now that will let you and a friend enjoy an iced beverage for the cost of just one drink.

The BOGO deal, which Starbucks is offering to celebrate summer, will let you receive a complimentary iced espresso beverage of equal or lesser value for free when you order a grande iced espresso beverage. The special will run at participating stores in the United States from June 27 to July 2. But the promo is only active during select hours in the day — 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. local time.


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