Recipe: Bridal Shower Sangria — Recipes from The Kitchn

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Wedding season is just as much bridal shower season, which means in between the actual weddings you're attending, you may have a few showers to pop into to celebrate the bride-to-be. If this is the year you're finally hosting one for your sister or your best friend, you may be sweating a bit. How do you pull this thing off? Well, you need a winning menu that's easy and fun, and a killer cocktail. Here's that cocktail — it's bubbly, floral, and fruity, and comes together in one big pitcher in a flash. That means more drinking and less assembling, which is a good thing at such a festive occasion.


20 Easy Pitcher Drinks to Make This Summer — Recipes from The Kitchn

Patio potlucks and parties are a rite of summer, and whether I'm hosting or I'm a guest there's one I thing I always contribute to make it complete: a pitcher drink that can be sipped all afternoon and into the evening. The best versions are refreshing, easy to stir together ahead of time, and serve a crowd. From fruity summer sangria to a layered cocktail that's sure to impress, plus a few fresh non-boozy options, here are 20 pitcher drinks to sip all summer long.


This $8 Rosé from Aldi Is One of the Best Bottles of Wine in the World — Grocery News

There's good news in store for rosé-lovers: An affordable line of the pink wine just won a prestigious award for its cost and quality. This means you can enjoy high-quality rosé without having to break the bank.


Tell Us Your Favorite Drink and We’ll Tell You What Decade You Belong In — A Strictly Scientific Quiz

Your go-to drink says a lot about your personality. (You can take a guess about what people think when you order a Manhattan at a dive bar.) But did you know your drink order can also tell us what decade you belong in?

That's right. From the free spirit of the '60s to the grunge of the '90s, there's a quintessential cocktail for every decade. Find your favorite drink on this list and we'll tell you when you should have been hanging out at the bar. Also, now would be a good time to start working on that time machine.


You’re One Ingredient Away from the Best Milkshake of Your Life — Ice Cream for Everyone

At its most basic, a really good milkshake can be whirled together with nothing more than some good ice cream and milk. That's the simple version I sipped and savored for years. Then I was introduced to an upgrade that changed everything. With the help of one inexpensive pantry ingredient, I was blending together the best milkshakes of my life. Here's how you can do it too.


Recipe: Strawberry Mojito Pitcher — Easy Pitcher Drinks

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

Strawberries, on their own, are the taste of summer. Add them to a mojito and you have a berry good drink. The red berries leach their sweetness into the pitcher as they're muddled, acting as the ideal contrast to all that mint and rum. Now, batch that recipe up so that it'll fill your favorite pitcher and you have the makings of a fresh and fruity crowd-pleaser. If you thought regular mojitos were refreshing, this one is doubly so.


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