18 Easy Pitcher Drinks to Celebrate Spring — Recipes from The Kitchn

Festive spring celebrations call for an equally festive cocktail. If you're hosting a group, be it for a bridal shower, brunch, or graduation party, it's time to think big when it comes to the drink options. Skip the individual drinks in favor of an easy pitcher cocktail that will serve a crowd.

From fresh and fruity sangrias to pretty sparkling cocktails, plus a couple options that skip the booze, here are 18 pretty pitcher cocktails for spring celebrations. They come together easily and are just as refreshing as they are pretty.


I Tried Every Single Alcoholic Seltzer and Here’s What I Thought — On Trend

If you're like me, you've noticed alcoholic seltzers popping up on grocery and liquor store shelves more and more these days. But have you tried them? For everyone's convenience and to satisfy my own curiosity, I took it upon myself to taste test every flavor of seltzer from every brand available.


25 Easy & Festive Drinks to Stir Up for Mother’s Day Brunch — Recipes from The Kitchn

If you're hosting Mother's Day brunch this year, you know that just as important as the food being served are the drinks for mom and everyone else in the family to be enjoying out in the sunshine. These 25 drinks are extra festive and ideal for toasting mom — whether you go for a twist on classic mimosas, fruity sangria, or crowd-pleasing mocktails.


5 Bourbons You Can Only Buy in Kentucky — Bite-Sized Guide: Louisville

As a resident of Louisville, Kentucky, I often take for granted the vast selection of bourbons available at any time. I live in a bourbon wonderland where even a dive bar may stock 50 different bottles! We're not the biggest market (by a long shot) for many products, but we're treated to limited releases, special bottles reserved by distilleries for their gift shops, and one-of-a-kind barrel selections you can only find at specific shops and bars.

As the rest of the country has caught onto our bourbon obsession, our stock has been shared more widely, leaving less for us. (We're still smarting about overnight queues for Pappy or when Old Forester's Birthday Bourbon hits each fall.) Still, there are at least a handful of only-in-Kentucky bottles.

If you're looking for the perfect souvenir to bring home from Louisville, here are my top five picks, in order from least expensive to blow-your-budget.


Have You Tried Adding Collagen to Your Coffee? — On Trend

You might associate collagen with expensive wrinkle creams, but if wellness bloggers and Instagrammers have their way, you'll soon be seeing this ingredient in a whole new light. A trend I've been noticing is people adding collagen powder directly into their morning cup of coffee. It's apparently tasteless and potentially provides a whole bunch of health benefits, such as improved digestion and joint recovery.

But how did this trend start, and what the heck is collagen anyway? The answer to both questions starts with bone broth.


5 New York Bartenders Share Their Best Hangover Cures — In Good Spirits

No one understands hangovers better than those who spend their working lives among an endless supply of booze. While you're probably aware of the general go-to hangover remedies — a Bloody Mary; Gatorade; a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich — what can the experts tell us? Their suggestions stray from the usual coconut water and breakfast burrito.

Chances are good you haven't heard of these traditional Dominican cures or the stomach-settling power of Fernet Branca, so here are five professional drinkers on how they recover from a night that left them feeling awful the next day.


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