Dinner Party Questions

5 Strategies for Shutting Down the Party — Summer Evenings

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Have you ever been a bartender or waited tables? Were you ever forced to stay at work much longer than expected because some lovebirds were too busy staring deeply into each other's eyes or, let's be honest, practically making out on your bar? They were impervious to your passive-aggressive encouragement as you cleared every item from their table, stopped offering refills 20 minutes ago, and took out the broom.

So what do you do? Put on Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On," of course. It will either inspire or embarrass them, or both, and they'll leave. But you can't very well do that at home. Here's what to do instead.


What Should I Cook for a Thanksgiving Brunch? — Good Questions

Q: I'm hosting Thankgiving this year, but since some of my guests are juggling more than one dinner that day, I decided not to compete for dinner. Instead, I'm hosting a brunch.


What Are Your Best Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner for Just a Few People? — Good Questions

Q: We've decided to stay home for Thanksgiving this year. While I've cooked a turkey many times before, I'm just not up for it this year — especially when it's just going to be my small family of four, two of whom are young children. I always run into the same issues, so I figured I'd finally ask the experts for some insight!


What’s the Best Way to Cook for Someone with Different Food Preferences? — Good Questions

Q: I invited a friend over for dinner next month. We both have similar taste, enjoy cooking, and have adventurous palates. A mutual friend of ours heard about this and invited herself. She's a nice girl and I have an open-door policy, so I don't mind in the least; the more the merrier.


How to Accept Compliments on Your Cooking — How to Be a Grownup

You've been hard at work preparing your beef Wellington since 8 a.m., then you spent an hour designing your tablescape, another hour choosing the perfect wine to accompany your meal, and even more time preparing individual soufflés and baked Alaska for dessert. Feels good, doesn't it? Or maybe all you did was toss a bunch of ingredients into a pot on the stove while sipping an ice-cold Natty Light, and somehow turned out the perfect pot of chili. Whatever it was, you did it really, really well, and your guests noticed. Or maybe it wasn't even that good, but your guests still want to tell you how much they enjoyed it.

Why do so many of us have trouble accepting praise? Here's what I've learned about how to accept a compliment in the kitchen.


Can You Suggest Some Low-Carb Vegetarian Recipes? — Good Questions

Q: I am hosting a dinner party for a few friends and am having a hard time finding a menu that will accommodate everyone's dietary needs. One friend is vegetarian, and I keep a low-carb diet, which means I eat a good amount of meat.


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