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Hostess Gift Idea: Green Tea Marshmallows — Daily Find 03.15.16

Matcha Green Tea Marshmallows

• $10

We're forever on the lookout for interesting new snacks and desserts that make fun hostess gifts. And since lately we've been obsessed with all things matcha, we were thrilled to come across these marshmallows from Little Boo Boo Bakery.


3 Pretty Pie Servers for Pi Day — Daily Find 03.14.16

Pie Server

• $30

Even if math was your least favorite subject in school — smartphone calculators were made for figuring out the tip at the end of the meal, right? — you can still celebrate Pi Day. After all, any excuse to eat pie is a good one.

And if you're going to dish up your pie in a mathematically perfect wedge, you'll want one of these handy pie servers.


This Kit Makes Sprouting Grains Easy — Faith’s Daily Find 01.14.16

Grain Sprouting Kit with Cedar Wood Stand

• $29.95

Eating more whole grains is a great way to start eating more healthfully, but if you really want to amp up your nutrition, adding sprouted grains is the way to go. Not only are sprouted grains easier for your body to digest, but the process also boosts the grain's amino acids, B vitamins, and vitamin C content.

Making your own sprouted grains at home is easy, but you'll want to have a way to let excess water drain out of the sprouts, while letting air circulate and prevent spoilage. That's why I love this sprouting stand.


3 Dapper Pins for Coffee-Lovers — Faith’s Daily Find 01.13.16

Carafe Pin from The Mayven

• $9

So, pins. All the cool kids are wearing them. Yes, old-fashioned enamel lapel pins. It's a glorious little trend to bring back; you can say so much with pins. Subtly, of course. You can say, for instance, that you love coffee, and you know what a Chemex is. Chemex not your style? Here are two more to choose from.


Ready to Go Beyond Kombucha? You Need Emily Han’s Book of Wild Drinks — Faith’s Daily Find 01.12.16

Wild Drinks & Cocktails: Handcrafted Squashes, Shrubs, Switchels, Tonics, and Infusions to Mix at Home by Emily Han

• $16

If you've been reading The Kitchn for any length of time, you have probably run across a recipe or a story by Emily Han, a longtime contributor and friend. She has been a generous sharer of beautiful vegetarian and vegan recipes, not to mention stories and cooking drawn from her love of nature and foraging in Southern California. Her first cookbook, "Wild Drinks and Cocktails," draws on this strongly, with a simply gorgeous and inspiring collection of drinks inspired by the outdoors and the wild world just a step away.


Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee Is a Quick Way to Your Coffee Fix — Faith’s Daily Find 01.11.16

Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee

• $3.99 (10-ounce ready to drink) to $10.99 (32-ounce concentrate)

Coffee is an essential part of every morning for many, if not most, of us. How do you make yours? Lovingly brewed at home? Or grabbed from a coffee shop on your walk to work? Here's a third option, somewhere in the middle: Convenient, tasty bottled concentrates that can be quickly turned into an iced or hot coffee at home. Emma gave them a try, and loves the convenience — and the taste.


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