From High to Low, 5 Turkey Roasting Pans to Buy on Sale Now — Splurge to Steal

I will always fondly remember the year I forgot to buy a turkey roasting pan until the morning of my Friendsgiving celebration. Fortunately it wasn't an official holiday so my husband was able to run out and get one from Target, but it's a great example of overlooking the obvious in all my holiday preparations.

My point? Don't be like me! If you're planning on roasting a turkey for Thanksgiving (or a chicken, or a roast, or really anything else big!) a proper roasting pan with a rack is a fabulous addition to your kitchen. From high (copper, ooh la la) to a seriously great budget option, here are five we love, on sale at Sur la Table right now.


The 5 Things I Always Buy When I Go Antiquing — Fall Weekend Trips

My husband and I spend a lot of time in Upstate New York, which happens to be lousy with antique shops. I'd argue that there are more antique shops than apple orchards, breweries, and bespoke pottery shops — combined. I'm certainly not complaining about this because we love to go antiquing. I have to drag my husband into a Target, but he's always down to seek out new-to-us antique stores and very old stuff.

He tends to be on the lookout for windsor chairs, old boxes, and anything we've never seen before. I look for anything and everything. We've bought some pretty random stuff: cans of emergency drinking water, a galvanized Sabrett hot dog bin, and a cart from an old paper factory that we use as a bar cart. We go into a store with no real plan, but there are five things we almost always buy when we see them.


Add This Saucepan (Now on Sale!) to Your Cookware Collection — Amazon Deal of the Day

We've been pretty vocal in the past, speaking out against boxed sets of cookware. (And knives!) Why? Because too often those sets include a bunch of stuff you don't need and not enough of the things you do need. So you end up spending money on an imperfect assortment. We'd rather you buy things open stock (industry speak for "individual items") and build your own set based on how and what you cook.

Something you're sure to need? A saucepan. You know, for sauce. And also for boiling water or reheating soup, gravy, and more. Having a few (in varying sizes) isn't a bad idea. So you may want to consider this three-quart option from Cooks Standard.


Le Creuset Just Launched a New Line of Millennial Pink Cookware — Shopping News

2017 is undoubtedly the year of millenial pink. It's a powdery yet bold shade of pink that has found its way into our clothing, our kitchens, and even our chocolate. And now it's coming for your favorite cookware. Last week Le Creuset launched a line called "Sugar Pink Matte" which looks a whole lot like millennial pink to me.

That's right, you could be the proud owner of the trendiest kitchen on the planet!


Help! There Are No Pans at My Summer Rental. — Travel Intelligence

There can be a lot of unpleasant surprises when you show up at a vacation rental that you've only seen in photos on the internet. Some of them are little issues (the bedrooms aren't quite as big as advertised, and the neighbor's house is just a little closer than anticipated). Others are a little bit trickier to navigate. For example, you arrive to a kitchen without any pans. Granted it's not the end of the world, but it might change your vacation menu planning just a bit. Here are some tips to help you keep your vacation from getting stuck.


Get The Cast Iron Cleaner That People Are Obsessed With — Amazon Deal of the Day

You've heard us extol the virtues of a well-seasoned cast iron pan. A cast iron pan is versatile, lasts forever, and cooks everything from steaks to eggs to steak and eggs like a pro. That said, cast iron pans also require a specific kind of upkeep. It can feel overwhelming — enough to make you want to throw in the towel and just use non-stick pans exclusively!

Don't do it: Listen to us (and countless generations of grandmothers who came before us) and get yourself a cast iron pan, and then buy this Amagabeli Cast Iron Cleaner for only $13 on Amazon to keep that skillet in tip-top shape.


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