5 Convenient Ways to Store Your Favorite Cookbooks — Your Summer Cookbook Guide

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We all have our favorite, go-to cookbooks — the ones we just can't live without and seem to check almost as often as we check our Instagram. Know what we're talking about? Then you know how annoying it is to constantly grab them from your bookshelf or move them from one place to another as you work around them.

Here are five fun and stylish ideas for storing those cookbooks that you use all the time. The books you use less often? Well, they can stay on your bookshelves.


Help Planned Parenthood by Purchasing This Gorgeous Cookbook — Pop Culture

There are many ways you can help or get involved with Planned Parenthood, the nonprofit organization that gives people affordable access to reproductive and sexual care around the country and globe. You can donate money once or on a monthly basis, and you can give your time as a volunteer. And now, thanks to Leela Cyd and Anne Parker, you can buy a beautiful cookbook where 100 percent of the proceeds are donated to the organization. It's a delicious deal.

Leela Cyd, a cookbook author and photographer (who has shot many things for Kitchn!) explains that the motivation behind Cooking Up Trouble: Recipes to Nourish Women is political. "In a time when the President and his administration are systematically threatening women's access to reproductive health care and the ability to independently make decisions regarding our bodies, our families, and our lives, we have created this mini cookbook as an act of resistance, " explains Cyd.


7 New Cookbooks That Make Great Father’s Day Gifts — Father’s Day Gift Guide

Having grown up with a dad who spent a lot more time in the kitchen than most men of his generation, I am very happy to see that he has proven to be a man ahead of his time. As more and more guys take on the responsibilities of getting a family meal on the table, or at least delve into obsessive preoccupations with baking bread or fermenting things, we can now add cookbooks to the list of Father's Day gift possibilities.

This season, there are several new volumes that will appeal to the dads on your list, and thankfully they offer a larger perspective than the clichéd slabs-of-meat-on-the-grill cookbooks usually marketed to dads.


The Most Essential Ice Cream Cookbooks — Summer Cookbooks

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

While the internet offers plenty of recipes (ahem, our site included), nothing quite beats the feeling a real, live cookbook in your grasp. That's especially true when you're diving into the wide world of homemade ice cream and in search of serious guidance to get you on your way. Having something tactile in your grasp is like having a floatie to reach for once you've splashed in. Luckily, there are a slew of solid ice cream cookbooks out there just waiting to be added to your collection. Here are eight that we at Kitchn love the most and lean on whenever the craving for ice cream hits.


15 Cookbooks That Make Great Mother’s Day Gifts — Mother’s Day Gift Guide

There was a time when receiving a cookbook for Mother's Day may have been as exciting as receiving a vacuum — useful, sure, but a bit lacking in glamour. But with today's gorgeous options, receiving a cookbook is an invitation to dive into something creative and inspired. And if your mom is already an enthusiastic cook, then a beautiful new volume will only encourage and enliven her time in the kitchen.

Of course, there is no one way to be a mother and there are many stages of motherhood, from the all-consuming days of infancy to being an empty nester. Hopefully, one of these 15 titles will match up well with the mother in your life, bringing her and everyone she cooks for the joyful contentment of a belly well fed.


This Is the Only Cookbook My Mom Ever Used — Mother’s Day: Cool Moms

Giving my mom a cookbook for Mother's Day, Christmas, and her birthday always seemed logical to me. She loves to cook and bake, and for someone who claims to never want or need anything, cute cookbooks used to sound like a no-brainer to me — until I realized that they all ended up in the same cabinet, mostly untouched, keeping each other company.

Why? Because nothing could trump her Fannie Farmer. Full of loose pages, tiny typeface, and a near-disintegrating spine, this cookbook is her one and only.


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