Can We Please Talk About Michelle Tam’s Beautiful Cookbook Organization? — Life in the Kitchen

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How you choose to organize your cookbooks comes with a lot of questions. Do you go by author's last name like in a book store? Do you organize by size? Or do you go by subject matter? It really depends on what you need and how many books you have! But I will tell you this: If you want to organize your books in the most beautiful way imaginable, then you should organize by color. Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo fame is a stunning example of this theory.


A Very Accurate Ranking of All the “Real Housewives” Cookbooks — Food TV

You could create an entire book club based around Real Housewives publications and never run out. Tinsley Mortimer has a novel. Bethenny Frankel has a children's book about her dog. The Dubrows have an anti-aging book where they refer to themselves as "Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig." There's almost a dozen tell-all-but-not-quite-all memoirs. And in the midst of all this Bravo-fueled literature, there's a steady stream of recipes and food advice from your favorite brawling reality TV stars.


7 Tips for Starting Your Own Cookbook Club — A New Way to Gather

Do you know what's better than eating out with your friends? Cooking with your friends. And yet, it's so easy to fall into a rut of solo weeknight cooking and prepped-ahead dinner parties on weekends. The solution? A cookbook club.

A cookbook club will get you back to the great national pastime of community cooking, and it will help you finally cook from all those cookbooks you've been hoarding. It's also ridiculously fun, and you'll learn endless tricks from watching how your friends make a recipe.


7 Cookbooks to Take You on a Delicious Tour of Italy — Cookbook Vacation

If you're anything like us, you travel to eat and drink your way through the cultures of the world, shamelessly plugging five meals a day into your itineraries in the name of research, gluttony, and personal glory. There's nothing more gratifying than finally eating that Bistecca alla Fiorentina we read about months ago or feeling ultra-cool when we discover a street cart other tourists are missing — am I right?

No destination inspires our belt-loosening and chest-bumping bravado more than Italy. But the reality is that there just isn't enough time on one vacation to eat everything we aspire to.


The New Cookbooks We’re Most Excited About This Fall — Fall Preview

Fall cookbook season is the home cook's Super Bowl. In autumn many publishers release the best cookbooks of the year in preparation for the holiday season, and 2017 is no exception. This fall we can look forward to gems like Smitten Kitchen's cookbook centered around unfussy but delicious dinner recipes, New York Times food editor Melissa Clark's recipes for the Instant Pot, and many more. Here's a look into the cookbooks we're most excited about this fall.


These 6 Cookbooks Are Your Ticket to the Cheapest Vacation Ever — Cookbook Vacation

With the last days of summer still ahead of us and the heat sticking to our backs, you might think grilling, grilling, and grilling are your only options for dinner. But picking at grilled chicken while scrolling through everyone else's vacation photos is a straight path to lunacy.

So put down the grill tongs, step away from the envy, and have yourself a deliciously rollicking staycation, where you can be eating salsa-dipped chorizo and potato sandwiches in Mexico one day and Streuselkuchen in Germany the next.


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