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A Few Great Tips for Making Lactose-Free Ice Cream at Home — Comment of the Day

A reader recently asked for tips on making ice cream without that pesky lactose, and you had quite a few good ideas (including pointing out the lower lactose content of cream).

One reader offered a very comprehensive set of tips for making lactose-free ice cream at home — here's what she had to say:


Another Money-Saving Tip for Seasonal Grocery Shopping — Comment of the Day

Earlier today Jessica talked about some seasonal foods (not just produce!) that you can stock up on in the summertime. But not all money saving comes from watching the seasonal foods; other come from watching the unseasonal foods and how they're priced, as this smart readers pointed out:


An Interesting Tip for Peeling Jicama — Comment of the Day

Last week we talked up one of our favorite vegetables — jicama. It's a crisp, juicy, totally refreshing vegetable.

You had many encouraging comments about your own love for this vegetable. One reader offered an interesting tip for peeling this vegetable a little more easily, too!


2 More Things You Should Always Snap Up at the Farmers Market — Comment of the Day

The farmers market can be overwhelming in the summer, so get strategic. Carrie shared her 12 "must-buys" for the summer farmers market — all things you should buy if you see them, because blink and they'll be gone.

Here are a couple more good ones from the comments, too!


3 More Good Tips for Grocery Shopping with Kids — Comment of the Day

Shopping with small children can be a whole different proposition than shopping all by yourself. But it can be fun and satisfying and a good experience for kiddos, as Christine explained in her tips for grocery shopping with kids. You chimed in with lots of other good tips; here are three I wanted to also point out.


A Smart Tip for Cooks Who Use an Electric Pressure Cooker — Comment of the Day

We're testing electric pressure cookers this week, taking a look at three popular models, and seeing how they perform across a variety of common cooking tasks. There have been a lot of good comments from readers, including one smart tip that surprised me — it's all about that plastic seal that comes with the pressure cooker.


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