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An Easy (and Cheap) Way to Replace the Knob on Your Dutch Oven — Comment of the Day

Need a replacement knob for a Dutch oven, but don't want to spend a lot of money on a branded knob? Here's the easiest, cheapest way to get a handle for your heavy pot.


A Recipe for Transcendent Potato Salad — Comment of the Day

What makes a great potato salad? Honestly, it isn't mayonnaise, in our humble opinion. There are so many ways to lighten up potato salad and keep the mayo from taking over. Here's another simple yet transcendent recipe from a reader that keeps the mayo to a minimum.


A Tip for Freezing Greens — Comment of the Day

While we're on the topic of preserving herbs and keeping other CSA goodies fresh, check out this smart reader tip about freezing greens.


A Multi-Tasking Way to Dry Herbs — Comment of the Day

How do you preserve herbs? Yesterday, as part of her summer series on growing and preserving herbs, Jayme explained her favorite way to preserve oregano — drying.

A reader chimed in with the rather surprising, multi-tasking way she dries her own herbs.


One More Great Way to Use Your Dutch Oven in the Summer — Comment of the Day

Don't ditch your Dutch oven in the summertime! Keep it in daily duty with our tips for great things to do with that precious pot.

Lots of great comments on that post yesterday — including this one with another very good use for that Dutch oven in the summer.


3 More Very Nice Things to Do for New Parents — Comment of the Day

What kinds of meals are best to bring to parents with a new baby? Cambria offered a few suggestions and great pieces of advice earlier this week, and you guys jumped in with so many more! I thought there were so many good ideas — here are just three I thought were especially good.


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