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Two More Ways to Make an Ice Cream Scoop Multitask — Comment of the Day

Got an ice cream scoop? (Maybe you splurged on this perfect yet pricey model?) It's not a waste of space: Ice cream scoopers can do so many other things, as Christine explained in this post. Here are a couple more ideas from readers:


A Better Way to Cut Cinnamon Rolls — Comment of the Day

This week Emma shared a recipe for Strawberry Sweet Rolls (yum!). A challenge with any sweet roll or cinnamon roll recipe is cutting your log of rolled-up dough into individual buns without squeezing out the filling in the process. Here's one smart idea a reader shared:


A Shortcut from Trader Joe’s for Eating More Vegetables — Comment of the Day

Today we reran one of my favorite big stories about vegetables — a smart list of reader ideas for eating more vegetables every day. There are a ton of good comments — here's one that stood out to me today.


Two More Reasons Salads Taste Better at Restaurants — Comment of the Day

Why do salads sometimes taste so much better at restaurants than at home? I shared a few reasons, and you guys chimed in with even more good tips for making restaurant-worthy salads at home. Here are two tips I especially liked.


Many More Ways to Use That Wild Vegan Meringue (Made from Chickpea Liquid!) — Comment of the Day

Last week a new way to make vegan meringue actually kind of blew our minds: Apparently you can use the liquid left over in a can of chickpeas. It whips up into gorgeous, fluffy, egg-free meringue! Here are more ways this vegan egg substitute can be used.


A Delicious 4-Ingredient Cocktail — Comment of the Day

Here's an old comment, but a goodie, which came to my attention because a reader recently responded and said: "I just took a screen shot of this comment for reference because it sounds so good." What is this delicious cocktail, you ask? It popped up in our thread on three-ingredient cocktails.


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