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One More Surprising (and Delicious) Vegetable to Spiralize — Comment of the Day

Yesterday we showed you a few more ways to put that spiralizer gadget to use on your summer veggies (hello, beets!). I loved the comments — here's one that made me think in a new way about one more vegetable, spiralized.


Two Delicious Ways to Use Frozen Potatoes — Comment of the Day

A reader recently asked if it was OK to freeze baked potatoes. Another reader chimed in not only to say yes, but to give two delicious ideas for using these frozen leftover potatoes.


The Best Way to Learn How to Debone a Chicken — Comment of the Day

Have you ever taken all the bones out of a whole chicken? This crazy-good roast chicken recipe calls for a deboned chicken, but I've never been brave enough to try this myself. But a reader has a good tip on how to learn — not surprisingly, one of my favorite chefs is involved.


An Ingenious Use for Herb Stems — Comment of the Day

Jess Foung recently explained a bunch of smart, savvy ways to use your herb stems (TLDR: Don't throw those things out!). A reader added another ingenious tip — I never would have guessed this works!


Two Delicious Ways to Cook Potatoes for Potato Salad — Comment of the Day

Yesterday after our tips on mistakes to avoid when making potato salad, our readers had plenty of really superb tips for making your salad even better. Here are two that I particularly liked — they start with the potatoes.


A Delicious Way to Use Sage All Winter Long — Comment of the Day

Over the weekend Jayme shared a dozen clever ways to preserve (and use) fresh garden sage, which can grow so prolifically. This reader agrees with one — and gave a tasty way to use that sage!


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