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Another Fascinating Use for Fruit and Vegetable Juices — Comment of the Day

Last week we took a look at juicing vegetables — how many veggies does it take to make a cup of juice? In the ensuing conversation, one comment stood out for its fresh, fascinating way to use juice.


A Smart Way to Keep Parsley Fresh for a Long Time — Comment of the Day

Last weekend our Herb Gardening 101 series covered parsley — how to grow it, and how to preserve it. Here's another comment from a reader on keeping parsley fresh for a long time. It's a familiar method, but with a twist:


The Best Brandy for Sangria — Comment of the Day

The conversation on Maureen's delicious Cucumber, Ginger, and Prosecco Sangria centered on brandy. What kind of brandy to use for sangria? Here's one excellent comment from a reader — all good advice!


A Few More Great Ideas for Feeding Weekend Guests — Comment of the Day

Have weekend guests? Wondering what to feed them? First, read Anjali's great post with lots of recipe ideas, then read on for this great comment with plenty more ideas.


A Clever Use for Mushroom Stems — Comment of the Day

There are so many scraps and trimmings that shouldn't be thrown out; there a hundred ways to put leftover bits to smart, frugal use. Here's one more tip from a reader on mushroom stems — which so often get discarded!


Another Tiny Tool for Pitting Cherries — Comment of the Day

Not up for buying (and storing) a cherry pitter this season? Well, if you still crave fresh cherry pie, we have a few ways for you to pit those cherries with small items found around the house. Here's one more I wouldn't have thought of — suggested by two readers.


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