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A Good Tip for Cutting Brownies — Comment of the Day

Once you've made a sublime tray of brownies (avoiding all these common mistakes), the final thing you need is a clean, smooth cut. Here's a good comment from today's brownie tips post on getting the perfect cut.


Wise Advice for Care Packages — Comment of the Day

What do you put in a box of food for a friend who is sick or in need of some special care? Cambria shared some good advice this week, and there were plenty of great comments from you as well. One stuck out to me as particularly wise on the topic of sharing and taking care of friends.


5 More Good Ideas for Eating Well on a Student Budget — Comment of the Day

Michaela shared her strategies for eating well on a student budget, and you had so many good comments! Here's one of my favorites — five more very good ideas for eating well on a tight budget.


One More Trick for Better Poached Eggs — Comment of the Day

Last weekend we gave you a few well-tested tips for better poached eggs; poached eggs that hold their shape and are silky-soft inside. Here's a comment that offers one more way to make a well-shaped poached egg.


3 Ice Cream Toppings That Make Us Wish Summer Was Forever — Comment of the Day

We gave you 30 ice cream sundae toppings right here, and you fired back with so many more ideas that I really regret the fact that I don't have a pint of ice cream (or dulce de leche) in my house right now. How good do these sound?


A Recipe for Thanksgiving in July — Comment of the Day

This reader wrote in with a dilemma: she's saddled with a frozen turkey that needs to be used up quickly. What to do? I loved one commenter's approach: Embrace Thanksgiving, summer-style. Here's her recipe for Thanksgiving in July. What else would you add?


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