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Two Make-Ahead Soups for Spring — Comment of the Day

Last week Cambria gave us some good things to do in the kitchen every Sunday night to prepare for the week. This work can pay off, as one reader commented, saying that a big pot of soup, made on Sunday night, is "kind of life-changing." But what about warmer weather? What kinds of soups make sense in summertime?


Two More Snack Essentials to Keep in Your Desk — Comment of the Day

Yesterday Christine shared some of her favorite condiments to keep on hand at the office for dressing up (or spicing up) your lunch. You had a few more ideas to offer (including at least one strong endorsement for Sriracha). Here are two more essentials that can also help out with afternoon snack time.


5 More Ways to Jazz Up Your Avocado Toast — Comment of the Day

Last week we hit the avocado toast hard, with these 11 ways to fancy up your avocado toast breakfast (or lunch, or snack).

There were even more great ideas for toast toppings in the comments, too. Here are five that sounded really good to me. Care to add more of your own?


Another Way to Use Your Pressure Cooker to Make Breakfast — Comment of the Day

I've talked before about how I use my pressure cooker to make a week of breakfast at once, by cooking a big batch of soft-boiled eggs. (Bonus: They're so much easier to peel when cooked in the pressure cooker!)

But here's another idea, from a comment that showed up in our post about making oatmeal in jars ...


Nuts Too Salty? Try This Trick — Comment of the Day

Have you ever bought nuts for snacking or cooking and discovered that they were really salty — too salty to eat comfortably? I've dealt with this issue, in baking, by rinsing the nuts, but that's no good for snacking. Who wants soggy nuts? Well, in answer to a reader question on this topic, another reader offered a pretty ingenious trick.


A Strategy to Make Budget Shopping More Fun — Comment of the Day

Yesterday Jessica offered some of her tips for building a budget-friendly pantry, which kicked off a discussion around budget shopping in general. Keeping a careful budget can be kind of a drag, but I really liked this comment from a reader on how she keeps it fun and something to look forward to.


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