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The Best Kitchen Investment for Small Children — Comment of the Day

Do you let your kids help out in the kitchen? I certainly grew up "helping" in the kitchen, doing everything from eating cookie dough to sort of drying dishes. It's so foundational to have some time in the kitchen as a kid, and I recently revisited a past post on this and noticed a great tip from a reader.


A Few Good Ideas for Healthy Make-Ahead Dinners — Comment of the Day

Lunch isn't the only meal we sometimes eat on the run — dinner can be just as hurried. There were some great tips for make-ahead dinners on this question from a good guy who's just trying to keep his law student wife fed and nourished. Here are three of my favorites.


A Tip for Cooking with Cast Iron on an Electric Stove — Comment of the Day

Do you worry about cooking with your cast iron skillet on a flat-top electric stove? It's actually perfectly fine, but it can take a little bit of adjustment to learn how to get the best results from this thoroughly useful pan on an electric stove. Here's a discussion about overall cast iron skillet care that turned up a good principle:


A Great No-Heat Work Lunch — Comment of the Day

Last week we shared some of our favorite work lunches — all healthy options that can be eaten cold or at room temperature and don't even need to be heated up.

There were some great suggestions in the comments for other options. Here's one of my own personal favorites:


An Unusual Ingredient for Great Scrambled Eggs — Comment of the Day

Scrambled eggs are a food that enjoys great love, attention, devotion — and even debate, as we saw last week in this discussion of ways to make better scrambled eggs. You guys definitely have a lot to say about scrambled eggs!

Here's one really interesting tip I've never heard before.


A Good Reason to Own a Vacuum Sealer — Comment of the Day

I don't own a vacuum sealer, and have never really wanted one. They feel a bit too one-use for me, and I wonder if I would use it enough to really make it worth it.

But then I read comments like the one here — and I think twice. Doesn't this sound kind of magic?


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