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The Best Way to Save Money on Spices — Comment of the Day

Spices can really rack up your grocery bill. Those tiny jars of ground spices cost a pretty penny, and if you're making a recipe that calls for five new-to-your-pantry ingredients, well — ouch. But there's a better way to stock up on spices and save money in the process, especially if you cook with them frequently.


In Praise of Rapadura Sugar — Comment of the Day

I love reading about people's favorite little baking splurges — I often discover new-to-me ingredients. Here's a sugar that one reader swears by. Have you tried it?


A Tip for Cleaning Enameled Pots — Comment of the Day

Do you have an enamel pot that is looking a little grungy? A beloved Le Creuset, perhaps, that has some stains inside? Here's a smart tip from a reader on a gentle way to get that enamel clean and shiny.


A Tip for Cutting Raw Meat More Easily — Comment of the Day

Last week a reader wrote in with a question about knife skills. There were a couple of kitchen knife tasks tripping her up consistently; one of these was chicken. There was lots of great advice in the comments (sharpen your knives!) but here's one final comment I thought was especially helpful.


Two More Ways to Chill Your Wine — Comment of the Day

Last week Kelli shared a smart way to quickly chill a glass of wine: Drop in a few frozen grapes. They're pretty, they're natural, and they won't dilute or flavor the wine (unlike ice). The readers had some other good tips too, one more for chilling a glass, and another great idea for quickly chilling a whole bottle.


The Perfect Way to Describe the Difference Between a Simmer and a Boil — Comment of the Day

Did you watch our video last week on boiling water? (If you missed it, do watch — it was a tone poem, in water, narrated by Emma.) I loved this comment from a reader on how to tell the difference between simmering and boiling water.


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