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When it comes to holiday drinking, eggnog is only the beginning. Many cultures and cuisines proudly claim a Christmas punch and this week we're bringing you The Global Punch Bowl with five festive punches, each with a story of their own.

There was still one week left for Christmas and the fridge was already full of bottles of this mysterious café con leche-like beverage with a funny name (cola de mono literally means "monkey tail") that my parents offered to any adult visitor (usually very old, very single, and very Catholic ladies) as a way of not getting the hiccups when eating the often dry and impossibly sweet, pan de pascua — an awesome but very dense Chilean fruit cake.

My dad would have devoted a whole Saturday morning to boiling milk with spices, managing to cover the entire kitchen with sugar, coffee, and pisco. I couldn't drink it, because "tiene trago, mijita" (it contains alcohol, my dear). My mom would say this to me after chugging her glass and before congratulating my dad on his innate talent for cola de mono-making.

But I would not settle for that.


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