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The Totally Free Super Cleaner You’re Not Using — Cleaning Tips from Kitchn

There is something in your kitchen that's a super-cleaning agent, and you're probably not using it often enough. And that's silly — because it's free (or almost free). That super cleaner is boiling water, and it costs about $0.0005 a gallon here in New York City, where everything is expensive!

I think we all know that hot water cleans better than cold water, but boiling-hot water does things that plain ol' hot water can't. Few stains or debris stand a chance against boiling water, and boiling water disinfects surfaces, too. And as long as you wear gloves and make sure you don't pour the stuff on a material that will melt at high temperatures, you're golden. Here are a few ways to use boiling water to clean.


The Super-Strong Vinegar German Moms Use to Clean — Cleaning Tips from The Kitchn

Here at Kitchn, I feel like we've established that German moms are superior cleaners. They clean things right away, aren't afraid to get on their hands and knees, and vacuum their floors with military precision.

So recently I grilled a German girlfriend of mine, Steffi, who has two little kids the same age as mine, on her cleaning techniques. I wouldn't say Steffi is the tidiest person — often, the sink is stacked with dishes and the kids' toys are everywhere — but we all know there's a difference between messy and dirty. And I have never once found a trace of food on the countertop or a crusty bit on a glass in her cabinets. She's also a no-chemicals kind of gal, so it's actually kind of surprising that her house is so clean. And this is how I learned that Steffi has a secret cleaning ingredient she imports from Germany to keep her home spic and span: super-strong vinegar.


Your Search for the Perfect Dish Towel Is Over — Shopping

If you're anything like me, you've accumulated a drawer full of mismatched kitchen towels. Some of them are decorative tea towels, none of which get the job done when it comes to drying. Some of them soak up water, but leave behind an equal amount of lint. And some of them do what they're supposed to — they're just so darn ugly.

All that's to say that over the years I've tried various products in my search for the perfect kitchen towel for drying dishes, wiping hands, and mopping up messes.

My search finally came to an end when I came across this hidden gem at Bed, Bath & Beyond while wandering through the kitchen linens.


7 High-Rated Cleaning Supplies Loved by Amazon Reviewers — Shopping

In addition to that awesomely fast two-day shipping (if you're a Prime member, that is), and the fact that Amazon basically sells everything, the site has one other major thing going for it: a ton of extremely thorough and honest reviewers. If something has hundreds (or more!) of five-star reviews and loads of glowing written recommendations, you know it's gotta be good. After all, you don't want to spend money on (or wait two days for) something that's not going to work!

Here are some of our personal favorite cleaning supplies that also rank among the best of the best, according to the online universe.


Get The Cast Iron Cleaner That People Are Obsessed With — Amazon Deal of the Day

You've heard us extol the virtues of a well-seasoned cast iron pan. A cast iron pan is versatile, lasts forever, and cooks everything from steaks to eggs to steak and eggs like a pro. That said, cast iron pans also require a specific kind of upkeep. It can feel overwhelming — enough to make you want to throw in the towel and just use non-stick pans exclusively!

Don't do it: Listen to us (and countless generations of grandmothers who came before us) and get yourself a cast iron pan, and then buy this Amagabeli Cast Iron Cleaner for only $13 on Amazon to keep that skillet in tip-top shape.


Is There a Dust Pan That Actually Works? — Good Question

For many reasons, I love to sweep my floors. It's a nightly ritual that's not too hard, makes my kitchen look super-clean, and helps keep pests out. But in my years of sweeping, there's one step I haven't managed to perfect: picking up the last little pile. I don't know about you, but I have yet to find a combination of dust pan and broom that doesn't leave a trail of grit in its wake.

Could I be doing it wrong?


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