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Keep Your Swiffer and Broom Organized with This Wall-Mountable Hanging Rack — Amazon Deal of the Day

Even if you own a fancy, high-end vacuum (we're looking at you, Dyson fans), there's really nothing better for cleaning your well-worn kitchen floors night after night than an old-school broom or Swiffer. But while they're quick and efficient tools, they're not exactly all that easy to store.

You know the drill: You slip one between the sliver of space between the wall and the fridge or you stash it in a corner at the top of the basement stairs, and then you pick it up at least a couple of times because the bottom slid out or the handle fell down the wall.

Time to try something new — namely, this wall-mountable Roll 'N Grip Tool Holder (on sale on Amazon right now).


Probiotic Cleaners Are a Thing — Here’s What They Are and How They Work — Cleaning Tips from Kitchn

I recently heard about probiotic cleaners and thought, "Come again?" I was obviously familiar with probiotics when it comes to gut health (cue that "activi-ahhhhh" song!) but never in terms of cleaning. Upon further investigation, I learned that these products are marketed as being allergy-free, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and non-GMO — basically all the things you'd want in a cleaner you're using around kids, pets, or yourself.

Naturally, I was curious. So I got on the phone with Robert Meirovich, the CEO of Airbiotics, a company that makes probiotic all-purpose cleaners, to learn more.


12 Things You Can Do with Bar Keepers Friend — Cleaning Tips from Kitchn

Have you ever used Bar Keepers Friend? This hard-surface cleaner has a cult following in cleaning circles. It's made by a family-owned company that manufactures in Indianapolis, Indiana. The active ingredient is oxalic acid, which you can also find in rhubarb, spinach, and other veggies. Bar Keepers Friend is biodegradable and safe for septic systems, too. And it's got a cute back story: It was discovered by accident when a chemist, who was boiling rhubarb, found that the pot he was using got clean as he cooked.


I Cleaned My Cast Iron Skillet with One of Those Wacky Chain-Mail Scrubbers — I Tried It

My deep, abiding love for cooking in and cleaning my cast iron skillet is no secret. I'm a bit old-fashioned when it comes to maintaining a super-slick, no-stick finish on my pan: I clean it with oil and salt, rinse with water, heat it to dry, and slick it with a little oil before storing. Sure, it sounds like a lot of steps, but the whole process takes about three minutes and I enjoy every second of it. So I was incredibly skeptical of a product that promised to make this task easier and faster. When Sir Scrubbington arrived in the mail, I set out to test it against my favorite method for speed and reliability.


5 Surprising Things I Learned from Washing Dishes with Gloves for a Week — Cleaning Tips from Kitchn

For no particular reason, I've never really worn gloves to wash the dishes. I guess my mom never did, so I didn't get into the habit, and it's hard to change habits! But my friends who cook a lot — and clean a lot of dishes — always wear them. Every time they do a dish! I mean, I've pulled out my gloves for Thanksgiving dinner, but that's about it. Anyways, I started to wonder if there was something there.


The Best Way to Get Stains Out of Plastic Containers — Storage Smarts

More and more, I try to bring my lunch to work. Not only is it economical, but it also cuts down on food waste — because, for some reason, my husband and kids are not super interested in eating the same thing for dinner five nights in a row.

I've also tried to convert to glass containers. And while I have a few, I find them to be fairly heavy, which matters when I've already got a shoulder bag crammed with other totally important stuff to carry. So I hold on to my old plastic ones and use them just fine. But, unlike glass, they can stain after a while with foods like tomato sauce or curry, and once they're discolored I get a little grossed out by them. The solution is not to throw them away (as I feel like doing), but to clean them.

So I set out to figure out the best way to get those pesky stains out of my tried-and-true plastic containers.


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