Recipe: Sausage and Greens Breakfast Casserole — Quick and Easy Breakfast Recipes

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When you want an egg dish to feed a crowd or make enough breakfast for the week, breakfast casseroles are just the ticket. Eggs hold together whatever ingredients you want to put in the baking dish, and in this case it's a filling combination of frozen diced potatoes, savory sausage, a whole bag of baby spinach, and, of course, a few handfuls of shredded cheese. This casserole is a bit like a diner omelette and breakfast potatoes all in one dish, and it's nice to start the day knowing you've already had a serving of greens!


Recipe: Vanilla Cashew Clusters — Healthy Snack Recipes

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I am not lying when I tell you I was genuinely sad when I poured out the last cashew cluster from the tall jar I was storing them in. These nuts have a way of working their sweetness into your heart, so it's truly a travesty when they're finished. You might want to make two batches to prolong this. The crunchy clusters are extra fragrant due to the healthy dose of vanilla, and just a touch spicy thanks to the cinnamon. Eat them out of hand whenever the desire for a snack hits, be it at your desk or when you're out and about on an adventure. Then sprinkle the rest on your morning yogurt or even finish off a bowl of ice cream with a handful.


How To Make Date Caramels — Make More Good

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Date caramels are one of those culinary magic tricks that you can't even believe works until you try it. You pulse whole dates with a few other ingredients, press them into a pan, and top with a bit of flaky salt. Just 30 minutes later you can cut out soft, chewy caramels that are free from added sugar (not to be confused with the loads of sugars naturally occurring in dates) and high in dietary fiber.

You didn't even have to turn on the stove.

But the ease of preparing date caramels is hardly the best part. These date caramels are incredibly delicious. Rich and creamy like classic caramels, they don't have any actual cream, making them a vegan-friendly treat. Sweet, chewy, and just a touch salty — they're the perfect little treat to share with friends or give as a gift.

Ready to try this culinary feat of flavor? Here's how to make date caramels at home.


How To Make a No-Bake Cheesecake — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

I'm going to present a polarizing thesis here and do my best to defend it: No-bake cheesecake is actually better than traditional cheesecake. Besides being easier to perfect, no-bake cheesecake is more flavorful without the long bake and more easily adapted to upgrades like fruit or chocolate flavorings.

If your ideal cheesecake is impossibly smooth without a hint of graininess and has a filling that is perfectly sweet, creamy, and tangy with an incredibly tender crumb crust, then, surprise! You'll love no-bake cheesecake.


Recipe: Cheesy Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole — Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipes

Up until now, I had a roster of breakfast casserole recipes that I considered to be very good. Then I pulled this one from the oven.

This is the golden ticket of egg casseroles. It treats you to all the best parts of the breakfast plate in a single bite. In many ways it's the only recipe I really need and want in my breakfast casserole lineup. Not only does it take well to customization (you can use any meat or cheese as a mix-in), but the egg base is also super creamy — thanks to a secret ingredient.


How To Make a Cheese Danish for a Crowd — Baking Lessons from The Kitchn

There are a few foods that are tightly woven into my happiest memories, and cheese danish is one of them. I grew up eating two kinds of cheese danish, and I loved them both. One was bakery danish, individual treats that were bigger than my whole hand, with a tender yet flaky pastry crust.

The second kind of cheese danish — Entenmann's cheese danish — I met a wee bit later. Long and rectangular, this danish was basically a slab pie filled with the most satisfying cream cheese goodness. Like a combo of a cannoli and a New York cheesecake, that filling was a creamy delight. That danish was a mainstay for me, right from the store or a bakery, all through my college, law school, and working lawyer years. That's what this danish is all about.


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