Recipe: Galette des Brittany (Salted Butter Cookies) — Recipes from The Kitchn

Au revoir, Paris! Ann Mah takes us off the tourist path on a culinary tour of France's favorite regional foods.

Hailing from the region of Brittany, which is located on the far edge of northwestern France, these shortbread cookies may appear ordinary, but don't be fooled by their plain-Jane appearance. These Breton biscuits are special because they rely on cultured butter to flavor them ... and that's it. No vanilla, no citrus zest — just high-quality, salted butter.


Recipe: Quick Cherry Jam — Recipes from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

In case you needed an excuse to bring home a big bundle of cherries from the farmers market, this simple summery jam is it. It's a sweet, deeply flavored spread, suitable for beginners and repeat jam-makers alike, that comes together on the stovetop with just three ingredients. It's bursting with cherry flavor and has a chunky, thick texture that's just right for spreading on toast. When you're pitting all those cherries, just remember this jam will be waiting at the end of the tunnel.


How To Make Easy Creamy Peanut Sauce — Saucy Summer Recipes

(Image credit: Ghazalle Badiozamani)

My first restaurant job was at a little lunch cafe famous for its giant cookies, towering hummus sandwiches, and cold peanut noodles. This husband-and-wife-run neighborhood joint was regularly filled with young professionals slurping cold, spicy soba noodles from plastic clamshell containers. While the owners were always generous with recipes — they gave me a notebook of their cookie recipes when I left that job to attend culinary school — they would not share the secrets to their peanut sauce.

I have spent many years, and many jars of peanut butter, trying to replicate that well-loved sauce. All those trials and errors have led me to this recipe. I can definitively say the recipe here is the easiest, creamiest, most versatile peanut sauce you can make from pantry staples. There are a few surprising things you learn during the search for a really good peanut sauce, all of which I'm sharing with you now!


How To Grill Peaches: The Easiest, Simplest Method — Peachy Keen

The grill has the ability to elevate sweet, juicy peaches from over-the-sink snack to dessert or a side dish with nothing more than heat. Grilled peaches are the kind of magic that happens in a hot grill's twilight — when dinner is nearly done, and sweet fruit is the only thing that can be reasonably paired with the cold wine and the ice cream destined for dessert.

The truth is that grilled peaches are stunningly simple. They only require fresh peaches and olive oil, make the most of residual heat from a cooling grill, and can play side dish to grilled meats or become a knock-out summer dessert. Here's how to make the best peaches on the grill in just four steps.


Hero Mom “Dresses” Her Daughter in Clothing Good Enough to Eat — So Cute

When I was in elementary school, my mom sewed a lot of my clothes. She was especially into food-themed dresses, as was I. There was a picnic table dress with sandwich buttons, and a watermelon-printed dress with tiny watermelon wedge appliques, among others. I really thought I was all that and a bag of (sour cream and onion) chips.

Well, there's a new food clothing queen now, and although she's probably too young for entering the third grade or even reading, she's taking the social media world by storm. The most inspiring part of this is that most of her clothing would barely even really cover her left foot.


How To Make the Best Gluten-Free Crisp Topping — Easy Dessert Recipes

(Image credit: Christine Han)

Having a freezer full of crisp or crumble topping is like a dessert secret weapon. It allows you turn any fresh fruit (or hey, even thawed frozen fruit) into an after-dinner treat without dirtying more than one bowl. Our traditional crisp and crumble toppings freeze incredibly well, but since you never know when a gluten-free guest might drop by, I highly suggest keeping both on hand. (Just label them clearly!)

This crisp topping doesn't have any special flours in it and can be made entirely from pantry staples that you're likely to have on hand. It bakes up toasty with a delightful chew, and you can easily adapt it to a more crumble-like texture without much more effort. Here's everything you need to know about making a gluten-free crisp that you can memorize and know by heart.


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