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The 10 Best Food Podcasts for a Road Trip — Road Trips for Food-Lovers

As anyone who has taken to the open road can tell you, road trips are the perfect time to queue up a podcast. Not only will it keep your mind busy during long stretches of travel, but once you lose yourself in the story, it will also make those miles fly by.

The best part? Food podcasts are booming. What was once a niche market has exploded, and high-quality podcasts about all aspects of the food world are just a few clicks away.

Whether you want to gain insight into the workings of the food industry, be enlightened by a celebrity in the food world, or dive deep into a particular ingredient or culture, there's a perfect food-based podcast for you.


Before & After: An Old Kitchen Gets a Bright Update — Apartment Therapy

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10 Potluck Dishes Everyone Will Want the Recipe For — Recipes from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Kelli Foster)

Summer potlucks are mostly about friends and family. The burgers could be burnt, the salad soggy, and the white wine lukewarm and you'd still have a good time because you're with your loved ones. But if you're secretly hoping to bring the dish that everybody talks about — the one that gets polished off right away — you're not alone. It's not a contest, of course, but who says you can't have your friends and impress them, too?

These 10 recipes will get you started in the right direction. From tomato and mozzarella caprese skewers to a rustic tomato galette to no-bake salted chocolate oat bars, these potluck picks are sure to impress. Bonus: They're also quick and easy to pull together!


Confused About Coconut Oil? Even Dietitians Disagree Right Now. — Wellness News

In the past decade, coconut oil has been touted as the holy grail of healthy cooking. But last week the ingredient was brought down a notch by the American Heart Association's latest report. According to a recent review of existing data on saturated fat, the Dietary Fats and Cardiovascular Disease advisory found that lower intake of dietary saturated fats — including coconut oil — is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease.

So, is coconut oil actually bad for you? What do other nutritionists say? And what can you do as the consumer? Let's break it all down.


20 Ideas for a Fresh and Fancy Summer Brunch — Recipes from The Kitchn

Lazy weekend brunches at home are just one of the many joys of summer. It's the season for brunch spreads with a lighter twist that embrace all the ripe produce that's piled high at the farmers market. If you're hosting a brunch this summer, we've got you covered with some great seasonal drinks to sip on, plus sweet and savory mains that will win over the whole table. From caprese quiche and strawberry swirly buns, to mini pancake tacos and watermelon mimosas, here are 20 easy-to-pull-off recipes for a fresh and fancy summer brunch.


9 Doable Ways to Use Less Water Every Day — Apartment Therapy

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