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How To Make Sweet-and-Savory Tomato Jam — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

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Jam excels at preserving the tastes and smells of the season, but why should berries have all the fun? Adding tomato jam to your summer preserving bounty is just the thing to make you feel like a savvy cook and leave you with a taste of summer into fall.

Using the same principals of other small-batch jams, plum tomatoes are cooked with a little sugar and spice for a sweet and savory jam that will leave you wondering why you didn't start making it sooner.


This Grocery App Will Save You Time and Money — Supermarket Savings

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There are a ton of grocery apps out there, claiming to save you time and money. Unfortunately, most of them (like a lot of apps) aren't actually worth the time it takes to figure them out or the money it costs to use them.

There is one, however, that is super easy and convenient to use — and it's free! It's called Flipp and you should download it ASAP.


10 Delicious Ways to Turn Tortillas into a Meal — Tips from The Kitchn

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Born and raised in Los Angeles County, I grew up eating tortillas several times a week, often handmade from the taco stand. Today my husband and our girls regularly make corn tortillas from scratch, but I have no qualms about buying giant bags of both corn and flour tortillas at the store. They are super versatile, can be transformed into any number of dishes, and taste amazing. I'm not sure why tortillas haven't been declared a superfood, but I'm casting my vote.


Ina Garten Shares the One Ingredient You’ll Never Find in Her Cookbooks — Kitchen Heroes

Ina Garten, empress of the kitchen, is the author of 10 cookbooks which have sold millions of copies over the years. From the best roast chicken to airy pavlovas, all of Ina's recipes tell the same story: Good food brings people together. Armed with her cookbooks, you can figure out what to make for a simple weeknight dinner to a more elaborate gathering of friends.

But there's one thing you definitely won't find in any of her books: It turns out that Ina has very strong opinions about a certain controversial ingredient. In a recent interview on Vice's podcast "Munchies," Ina explains the ingredient you'll never find in her cookbooks.


How Traveling Through Scandinavia Changed the Way I Eat Breakfast — Make Mornings Better

While traveling through Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway last summer on my honeymoon, I fell in love with breakfast. This was definitely not the breakfast I knew back home in the South, which consisted of hearty dishes like fried chicken and waffles, biscuits smothered in sausage gravy, and Bloody Marys garnished with bacon and every pickled vegetable under the sun. In Scandinavia I was enamored of the lighter, healthier fare — cozy bowls of porridge, smörgås, and gravlax.

Back at home, I would flip-flop between eschewing a proper breakfast all together on the weekdays to binging on carb- and calorie-rich brunches on the weekends. It took me traveling to the motherland to get schooled in what a proper, healthy breakfast entails.


Bento Boxes Are the Best Lunch Boxes (& This One Is on Sale) — Amazon Deal of the Day

We are unabashedly passionate about bento boxes when it comes to packing lunches for school or work. For one, bento boxes are just flat-out adorable with all those little containers and compartments! They also eliminate the need for anything disposable (looking at you, plastic baggies and plastic wrap!).

So imagine our excitement when we found this Rubbermaid LunchBlox Container — on sale on Amazon right now for $16.


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