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The Incredible, Edible Green: 15 Recipes with Hearty, Healthy Kale — Recipe Roundup

Eat more kale. Got kale? I love kale! Kale is more than a green leafy vegetable. It has come to be a symbol of healthy, whole food-focused eating. But kale can be a daunting vegetable. Those stiff curls of deep green, the straight-backed ribs, the chew-chew-chew of raw leaves. But that very heartiness is what makes kale such a satisfying green in soups, stews, baked breakfast casseroles, and quiches. The greens retain a pleasurable chew, a solidity where their flimsier cousins like spinach wilt away to rags.

Today we celebrate kale's heartiness in all its forms: Baked into crispy, light kale chips. Shredded into a salad softened with peanut dressing. Tender underneath baked egg and chickpeas. Simmered into a turkey chili. Here are 15 reasons to, yes, eat more kale, and love it. More


SPONSORED POST: Tasty Bakeries: 5 Sweet Escapes to Visit with the Whole Family

03-ShortcakeTopEd2.jpgWhen traveling as a family, treats are of utmost importance. There's nothing quite so memorable as a stop into a local bakery or treat-shop, a place that embodies the quirks and character of a neighborhood, and that also has something sweet to offer. Here are five of our favorite bakeries from around the country, each a sweet destination. There's a friendly, sunny sweet shop in the middle of a California farmers' market, a doughnut powerhouse in the Northwest, a bakery known for whole-grain deliciousness, and more. More


Recipe: Loaded Baked Potato Dip with Homemade Chips — Recipes from The Kitchn

2012_08_20-BakedPotatoDip-1.jpgIt's that time of year again, y'all! Yep, football season is upon us, and I'm busy dreaming up new appetizers, dips, chilis, and stews to carry me all the way through the fall. If you're like me, you have a few go-to appetizers that are simple to throw together and guaranteed to please. Yet I am still always in search of the new best recipe, and holy smokes, I think I just found it! More


Blueberry-Pecan Loaf Cake & Egyptian Yogurt and Spinach Soup — Delicious Links

2012_08_20-Links.jpgToday's Delicious Links include yogurt and spinach soup, savory corn pancakes, and African peanut soup. More


Wal-Mart Pulling Indiana Cantaloupes Due to Salmonella Outbreak — Food Safety News

2012-8-20-canteloupe.jpgAn important food news alert: in response to the multi-state outbreak of Salmonella Typhimurium linked to cantaloupes grown in southwestern Indiana, Wal Mart Inc. has instructed all its stores to pull any cantaloupes grown in Indiana from the shelves. More


5 Kitchen Necessities You Don’t Actually Have to Store in the Kitchen

After spending years in a succession of one-butt kitchens, I am currently enjoying a somewhat spacious kitchen setup. However, even with a lot of room, I've discovered that I still need to economize on storage. Here are five somewhat surprising things you don't necessarily need to keep in your kitchen proper. More


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