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7 Things You Can Do to Become a Morning Person — Make More Good

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Mornings! Ugh! Not one to pop out of bed — bright-eyed and bushy-tailed — before your alarm goes off? Obviously, good mornings start with a good night's sleep. Beyond that, there's still plenty you can do to make your mornings just a little better. You've got this whole adulting thing.


Your Favorite Childhood Cereal Just Got a Massive Upgrade — Food News

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Just when you thought the unicorn food fad had died along with Starbucks' discontinued Frappuccino, Kellogg's has just revived it. The rainbow-tastic trend is getting a second life with the debut of Unicorn Froot Loops.


5 Ways I Could Have Improved My Life with the Money I’ve Spent on Takeout — The Financial Diet

Welcome to a column from The Financial Diet, one of our very favorite sites, dedicated to money and everything it touches. One of the best ways to take charge of your financial life is through food and cooking. This column from TFD founders Chelsea Fagan and Lauren Ver Hage will help you be better with money, thanks to the kitchen. A version of this post originally appeared on The Financial Diet.

When I first moved to New York about two-and-a-half years ago, there was one thing I was most excited about for my new city life: takeout. And not just takeout, but food delivery. I'd heard about the famed Seamless, a website and app that allows you to order food from pretty much anywhere in your area and have it delivered to you within an hour, on many a city-based podcast. This fabled instant gratification for the lazy was what I pictured "adult life" to be like: having your meals delivered to you on the regular because you are too busy being fabulous and independent to figure out how to make them yourself.


20 Recipes to Soothe a Sore Throat — Recipes from The Kitchn

With all that fall has to offer, it also has its downsides. There's the return of cold weather, for starters. And there are gloomy days filled with rain, the stress of getting ready for the holidays, and the inevitable seasonal ailments of a cold or sore throat.

If your coworkers, family, or friends start getting a sore throat, it just seems to spiral. When it's your turn to feel sick, take care of yourself (or others in your house!) by eating nourishing foods that will soothe your throat, like a bowl of creamy mashed potatoes, egg drop soup, or baked pumpkin oatmeal.


How You Taste Food Changes When You’re in a Relationship — Food News

It's no secret that people change when they're in a relationship. Being close to someone makes you alter your behavior, daily patterns, and even habits. And there's no shortage of research hinting at the fact that couples become increasingly similar throughout a relationship — some even say couples start looking alike.

Now, a new study published in the journal Appetite has unearthed a thing or two about the dining habits of couples.


Recipe: Make-Ahead Spinach and Feta Egg Casserole — Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipes

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Spinach and feta make eggs even better with a fresh, salty, and creamy kick. But with this make-ahead breakfast casserole, that's just the beginning. In addition to lots of leafy greens and chunks of crumbled cheese, this casserole is laced with fragrant fresh dill, sweet red pepper, and a dollop of Dijon for a subtle tang. After your first bite, you might start wondering what this reminds you of — it's spanakopita, friends.


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