17 Things to Buy for Your Kitchen at the Dollar Store — Shopping

You could say moving is one of my specialties: Over the past decade, I've lived in more than 25 different apartments. Because I don't move with much, I've had to get creative when it comes to stocking my kitchen on a budget.

The thrift store is almost always my first stop, although they don't always have what I need. Not to mention, there are certain items I generally can't (or don't want to) buy used.

So where do I go next? The dollar store.

As I learned from my late grandfather, these stores have pretty much everything you need — for cheap. If you're setting up a new kitchen, or just looking to replace or stock up on some things, grab one (or 12) of the following items.


5 Ways to Eat Better, According to Powerlifters — Tips from The Kitchn

If you rank meal planning as a chore right up there with scrubbing the bathroom, imagine what it's like for people who have to plan a balanced diet to fuel intense workouts (and shop and cook in between lengthy gym sessions). Welcome to the world of powerlifters.


10 Fast and Cheap Ways to Make a Healthy Pasta Dinner — Recipes from The Kitchn

Can a pasta dinner be fast, cheap, and healthy all at the same time? Absolutely. The key is to make wholesome swaps that won't break the bank, like using ground turkey instead of ground beef or pork, loading up the dish with leafy greens, or finally giving whole-wheat pasta a chance. These easy changes can make your weeknight pasta dinner healthier for the whole family, but no less tasty. Here are 10 recipes that prove it.


5 Tips for Sticking to Your Vacation Food Budget — Travel Intelligence

(Image credit: Liz Clayman)

There are certain times when budgets go out the window. For many, vacations are one of those times. But while I fully support letting things slide a little while you're on the road, or even taking a staycation, I'm not a huge fan of returning from tropical paradise to find I have to eat rice and beans for the next month. (I have done this and, as much as I love rice and beans, it gets very, very boring.)

So over the years I've developed a few strategies for sticking to my food budget while traveling. Bonus: It also means I don't come home feeling so overfed that I need a vacation from my vacation.


5 Things I Learned About Grocery Shopping in College That I Still Use Today — Time & Money

Navigating the grocery store was a shock when I went to college. I grew up with my mom buying everything for the household, and suddenly I was alone and struggling to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner a reality. How did I create a budget? What's the deal with leftovers? Just like everything in college, grocery shopping was a learning curve and I made plenty of mistakes along the way.

During my freshman year I had no concept of budgeting when it came to grocery shopping. Even though I was able to find a paid internship on campus, I still had to embrace frugality. Food was a high priority in my food budget, but once I added on the price of textbooks and transportation home for the weekend, I couldn't justify spending money on expensive teas.

At my college, all freshman and sophomore students were required to have a meal plan, but that still didn't stop the majority of us from stocking our tiny mini fridges with our favorite essentials. We were also not allowed to have hot pots, slow cookers, or rice makers in our room, so we got crafty with healthy microwaveable meals and to-go containers of lettuce from the dining hall.


What’s the Difference Between Top Round Roast and Chuck Roast? — Meat Market

When pot roast, stew, or a hearty roast beef is on the menu, the success of your meal starts with the cut of beef you buy at the grocery store. There's an important distinction that sets these large, budget cuts apart, despite similar appearances and names. Know the difference between top round roast and chuck roast (plus when to use each) and you're in for a delicious dinner.


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