The Best Grocery Store Snacks You Can Find in Britain — Grocery Snacks

When I first moved to the U.K. in 2005, I spent much of my time navigating store aisles, Googling ingredients, figuring out metric measurements, and taste-testing new products, especially of the snacking variety. That last bit was one of the best parts of expat life.

America may be known for its junk food, but Britain knows snacks too. And although they might not have every seasonal flavor of M&Ms, the Brits have chocolate candy that will make you wonder if M&Ms should even share the same shelf. Their potato chips (or crisps, as they call them) come in some wacky flavors, and even the traditional salt and vinegar chips make the substandard version you've been eating pale in comparison.


Nobody Has Ever Loved Food as Much as This Man Loves Tea — Food News

(Image credit: Chiltern GRC‏ /Twitter)

Britain is known for being a nation of tea-lovers, but nobody in the U.K. loves tea as much as Yorkshireman Nathan Garner. In fact, nobody has ever loved any food as much as he loves tea. I'm serious! This dude loves his tea more than Proust loved Madelines and Monty Python loved Spam, and he just proved it by legally changing his middle name to "Yorkshire Tea."


​10 Food Souvenirs I Always Bring Back from Britain — Brilliantly British

When I traveled abroad as a child, my favorite part was picking out a souvenir. Thankfully, I seemed to steer clear of the mass-produced knickknacks, and ended up with quite a few timeless keepsakes from around the world. Maybe my 12-year-old self was cooler than I remember. (But probably not.)

The souvenirs I pick up these days don't last as long. I love roaming the aisles of foreign supermarkets, selecting consumables to bring home like jams, cookies, and hot sauces. This is the same strategy I employ whenever I visit Britain, where I lived for 10 years.


Starbucks U.K. Just Released a New Latte and We’re Very Jealous — Food News

A trending latte is now going mainstream across the pond. Starbucks is selling the popular turmeric latte, also called "golden milk," in 200 stores across Britain starting August 28. As the name of the beverage suggests, it's going to have an added ingredient that will offer an extra kick of flavor: turmeric.


8 British Condiments and Sauces You Need to Try — Brilliantly British

I used to think if there was to be an international condiment competition, ranch dressing — regardless of brand — would win, hands-down. But then I moved to the U.K., and discovered their ranch selection was two brands at the most, and neither tasted like the dressing of my motherland.

Like all international moves, it takes time to acclimate to new surroundings, and finding your way around the supermarket aisles is part of the assimilation. While I waited for my mom to send ranch seasoning packets via snail mail, I had to branch out into the unknown — brands, flavors, spice levels.


9 Delightfully Weird British Dishes You Need to Try — Brilliantly British

Before visiting the U.K. for the first time in the early '90s, I knew bangers were sausages and rashers were slices of bacon. Crisps were chips and chips were fries. I had the essentials down because. let's be honest, there wasn't much else a 10-year-old needed to know.

But when I returned later in life, navigating menus wasn't as easy as it had been with my childhood palate. I learned quickly that puddings were sometimes savory and sometimes sweet, but never actually the texture of American pudding. Pudding is also just a term for dessert. Tea is a hot drink, but also regional slang for the evening meal. Pies were traditionally savory, and sometimes topped with mashed potatoes instead of pastry. While living in England, I learned to ask for mince beef instead of ground beef, but it took me a while to realize mincemeat was not actually meat at all.


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