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Twitter Is Totally Freaking Out Over This Eggplant Bacon Video — Food News

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Eating bacon is one of life's great pleasures. A crispy, salty, smoky slice of perfectly cooked bacon is pure joy. People apparently feel very strongly about it, too, because a new video demonstrating how to make eggplant taste like bacon is making the rounds on social media, and a lot of people are furious.


The One Food Magazine You Should Buy in October — Between the Covers

We're huge food magazine junkies. We blogged about (and cooked from) monthly food mags for nine years over on The Bitten Word. We haven't been writing about them for the past year or so, but we've still been reading and enjoying them. So when the Kitchn team approached us about writing a column, we jumped at the chance.

There are a ton of food magazines out there. Deciding which ones to buy and which ones to cook from can be more than a little overwhelming. And if you subscribe to one or two, it's easy to fall into a rut.

That's where we come in. Each month, we're going to sift through a pile of the latest food magazines and tell you which one we think is the one to read that month. If you're only going to buy or read one magazine, this would be the one.


​Joanna Gaines Is Coming Out with a Cookbook — Pop Culture

If your heart stopped when you heard the news that Fixer Upper would be ending after its fifth season, you weren't alone. Fans of the show, and the wildly popular couple behind it, were so distraught most of us missed the quiet announcement that Chip and Joanna Gaines are also working on a cookbook.

Yes, that's right! In addition to launching a tableware and home decor line for Target, the house-flipping duo will be putting together their best recipes for you to make at home.


Chip and Jo’s “Fixer Upper” Will End After This Season — Pop Culture

Sad news for HGTV fans: Chip and Joanna Gaines announced on Magnolia today that season five of everyone's favorite remodeling show, Fixer Upper, will be the last season.

"It's such a bittersweet time for us," Joanna explains in the video. "The last five years, I mean, this has been our life — the show, the crew here."


The New Cookbooks We’re Most Excited About This Fall — Fall Preview

Fall cookbook season is the home cook's Super Bowl. In autumn many publishers release the best cookbooks of the year in preparation for the holiday season, and 2017 is no exception. This fall we can look forward to gems like Smitten Kitchen's cookbook centered around unfussy but delicious dinner recipes, New York Times food editor Melissa Clark's recipes for the Instant Pot, and many more. Here's a look into the cookbooks we're most excited about this fall.


This Is What a Food Video Would Look Like if Quentin Tarantino Made One — Food Media

I would bet you $10 right now that if you scrolled through your Instagram or Facebook feed you would probably find a video that depicted some sort of delicious recipe. It's easy to get lost for hours down a YouTube rabbit hole watching someone decorate a cake, or sling a pizza. But for as much time as you probably spend watching these videos, I bet you've never seen anything quite like this before: Last month food artist and director David Ma envisioned food videos as cinematic works of art.


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