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Kitchn’s Bite-Sized Guide to Seattle, Washington — Bite-Sized Guide: Seattle

Maybe you already know Seattle by heart. It's that famous Pike Place Market sign, with a passenger ferry gliding peacefully along Puget Sound just beyond it, or a glamour shot of the towering Space Needle, with snow-capped Mt. Rainier boasting its 14,000-plus feet in the distance. It's fat, tender salmon, roasted perfectly, and exquisite coffee at Starbucks' flagship roastery. It's a good bar with a serious water view.

It's all true Seattle, but it's the Seattle millions flock to see each year, which means your visit — the one that won't leave you cranky and exhausted — should be about treating Seattle like home, rather than marching down the same bucket list all the cruise ship passengers have.


Kitchn’s Bite-Sized Guide to Portland, Maine — Bite-Sized Guide: Portland

In the sixth installment of our Bite-Sized Guide series, we're heading to the small coastal city of Portland, Maine. Yes, Portland, Maine. The small New England city has become known for its booming food and drink scene, on par with larger cities. The last decade has seen chefs and brewers opening restaurants and breweries in droves. The awards and accolades continue unabated — and people are taking notice.


Why One Cookbook Author Uprooted Her City Life & Moved to Maine — Bite-Size Guide: Portland, Maine

It was December 1982. I had a dream job: Culinary Editor of Food & Wine magazine. I was 26 years old and in love with a man who grew up in New York City. I also happened to be in love with New York (as a suburban girl, I had always dreamed of living in the city). There was no way I was going to give up my job or my zip code.


This Is What Portland, Maine Tastes Like (in Case You Can’t Go) — Bite-Sized Guide: Portland, Maine

When you think of the food of Maine, your mind might land on lobster. But Portland, Maine's largest city, has so much more to offer than mayo-dressed lobster meat piled into a hot dog bun. The city's close proximity to the ocean and local farms means the inventive chefs who call Portland home have a wealth of fresh ingredients at their fingertips. If you look past the stereotypes and avoid the tourist traps, the food of Portland is creative, sophisticated, and downright delicious.


Oxbow Beer Brewer Tim Adams Shares His Favorite Summer Beer — Bite-Sized Guide: Portland, Maine

(Image credit: Erin Little)

When it comes to summer drinking, the key is to find a beverage that's cold, refreshing, and not too alcoholic. Wine spritzers are always a favorite, but this year we're stockpiling farmhouse beers. What's farmhouse beer, you might ask? We're so glad you did.


Maine Oyster Farmers Share the Best Way to Shuck & Eat Bivalves — Bite-Sized Guide: Portland, Maine

Maine's cold, clean water makes it ideal for seafood of all kind: Lobster, to be sure, but also oysters, those sweet and briny bivalves that we often associate with cooler climes. But, in Maine, you can (and should!) eat oysters all year round.

We caught up with oyster farmers Valy Steverlynck and Eric Horne to find out the best way to shuck your oysters — and how to eat them (besides slurped straight from the shell).


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