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5 Cozy Cabin Rentals for $100 or Less — Summer Vacation Rental

At least once a year, I get the urge to sneak away to some cabin in the woods and indulge in my inner Thoreau. The appeal isn't hard to understand, what with the constant chorus of pings and beeps and chimes telling us we have mail or a text or maybe someone liked our Instagram! And while yes it is nice that someone (even if it is a complete stranger) thought the bread you baked this morning looked good, it's also exhausting.

I am exhausted just thinking about it — aren't you? If the answer is yes, then one of these five cozy cabins may be for you. Running the gamut from charmingly barebones to minimalist and modern, they all come in at $100 per night or less.


The One Thing Airbnb Hosts Wish You Wouldn’t Do — Summer Vacation Rental

Imagine this scenario: You've decided to skip town for a last-minute weekend getaway and you're scrolling though dreamy Airbnb listings when you see one that's perfect. It's a gorgeous apartment with five-star reviews that you can totally see yourself lounging around, and the location couldn't be better. Alas, it's beyond budget.

But it's available for your dates and it can never hurt to try, right? It's not the high season, you reason, and it's not like it's costing them anything to stay here. They'll probably just be happy for any income!

Ping! Back comes the response. You've been declined. That's because you broke the number-one unwritten rule of Airbnb bookings: Asking for a discount.


Vacation Rentals We Love: A Bold Blue Philadelphia Kitchen — Summer Vacation for Food-Lovers

Vacation Rental: Lokal Hotel, Philadelphia, PA
Sleeps: There are six apartment-style rooms, 3 one-bedrooms and 3 two-bedrooms
Price: Rates start at $195
Why We Wanna Cook Here: We're definitely feeling the bold blue look here.

In the great debate of hotels vs. vacation rentals, I admit that I am torn. And not because I don't have strong opinions — I do! I love both so much! Don't make me pick just one!


Dreaming of Margaritas in Mexico? This Tiny, Affordable Home Is for You. — Vacation Rentals for the Cook

Vacation Rental: Casa Tiny in Puerto Escondido
Sleeps: 2 people
Price: $82 per night
Why We Wanna Cook Here: Glamping meets gourmet kitchen.

If you've ever wanted to spend a few days off the grid, this is the place to do it. Located in Punta Altares, a 30-minute drive from the bustling beach haven of Puerto Escondido, Casa Tiny was modeled after the simple living practices depicted in Henry David Thoreau's Walden. Made mostly of concrete and wood, the minimalistic space may be short on frills, but certainly not on amenities. Guests can take advantage of a quick garden walk to a private beach, float around in the backyard pool, or cook up a fresh feast in the brick oven.


This Is the Best Vacation Rental Site for Families — Family Vacation

I used to spent hours poring over vacation rental listings on sites like Airbnb and VRBO looking for places that were comfortable and kid-friendly for my family of four. It's completely possible, as long as you know what to look for, but it's also time-consuming.

Then I discovered Kid & Coe, a website dedicated to family-friendly vacation rentals around the world.


5 Things to Look for When Booking an Airbnb with Family — Family Vacation

(Image credit: Samara Vise)

Once you start traveling with kids, you develop a deeper appreciation for the vacation rental. Beyond the obvious amenities like kitchens with full-sized fridges and bath tubs, these rentals have more space for the kids to run around and also to give you some peace and quiet to relax. Hey, it's your vacation too, right?

Airbnb and VRBO both have a kid-friendly filter that you can and should use, but "kid-friendly" means something different to me as a parent of two wild-spirited preschoolers than it does to a homeowner with tween-aged children. I've learned that there are a few extra considerations to make sure the vacation rental is right for me and my brood. Here are the top five things I look for.


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