3 Tips for Cooking and Baking with Alcohol — Tips from The Kitchn

When you are a self-professed booze-hound and a baker at heart, it is almost too easy to incorporate flavorful alcohol into everything from weeknight dinners to luscious birthday cakes. Honestly, though, I've made more than a few mistakes along the way when trying to add the smoky sweetness of bourbon to dinner or the dry sweetness of Champagne into cake.

I'm going to cash in on those mistakes in the hopes they will be helpful for anyone who's looking to booze-infuse their food. Here are three of my favorite tips for cooking with alcohol.


10 of Our Best Boozy Baked Goods — Recipes from The Kitchn

Making a baked good with booze is a good move. When baked, most of the alcohol actually cooks out but the flavor remains, which can make for a treat that's a whole lot more interesting. A splash of alcohol can also make for a more moist and tender finished product, which is always a win.

Whether it's a dash of whiskey or a glug of beer, here are 10 fun recipes that take your cakes, pies, and bread puddings out for happy hour.


5 Reasons to Feel Good About Drinking Guinness Today — St. Patrick’s Day

(Image credit: Casey Barber)

Today is St. Patrick's Day, which means it is also a day when many pints of Guinness will be consumed. And when we say many, we mean roughly 13 million pints over the course of 24 hours. Clearly no excuse is needed to drink a pint of Guinness today of all days, but there are, in fact, many reasons to feel good about raising a glass of the dark-and-creamy stout in honor of the Patron Saint of Ireland. Here are five.


How To Make Dark Chocolate Guinness Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting — Baking Lessons from The Kitchn

Chocolate Guinness cake isn't your everyday chocolate cake. Nope, this cake is deep in size and flavor, thanks in no small part to the magic of stout beer, dark cocoa, and sour cream. The resulting cake is super moist and fudgy with an almost velvet-like texture that most cocoa cakes can't beat.

Because this is a rather bold chocolate cake, it's topped with sweet and tangy cream cheese frosting. Just pile it on top in big puffy swirls. Then take a step back and gaze at the beauty you just created. It looks like a fine pour of a pint of Guinness, doesn't it? Good. That's the idea.


This Beer-Themed Hotel Will Have Hot Tubs Filled with IPA — Travel News

(Image credit: BrewDog)

Beer enthusiasts who have dreamed of a safe haven where they can relish and bathe in beer now have a destination to visit: Columbus, Ohio. Yes, Ohio's capital will soon be home to a craft beer-themed hotel called DogHouse. Forget Disneyland — you need to come here instead.


Watch These Students Drink Beer from a 5,000-Year-Old Chinese Recipe — Food News

Most college students enjoy cheap Budweiser — after turning 21, of course — but students at Stanford University have decided to think beyond the status quo and make their own using a 5,000-year-old recipe.

The beer was made under the guidance of Li Liu, a professor in Chinese archaeology at Stanford, as part of the final project for the course Archaeology of Food: Production, Consumption, and Ritual. The recipe used was discovered last year while Liu and a doctoral candidate Jiajing Wang were examining residue — the oldest evidence of beer — in pottery vessels from northeast China.


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