5 Ways to Lime Up Your Drinks — Kitchn Craves

A current office obsession: all things lime. While we drink plenty of lime-flavored La Croix around here, we've been thinking about more and more ways to lime up our boozier drinks. Because lime is a color and a flavor, we're finding plenty of ways to do just that.


5 Signs Your Salad Will Be Good for Breakfast — Tips from The Kitchn

We're of the persuasion that more veggies — at all times of the day — is a good thing, which means a veggie-based salad can make for a solid morning meal, especially if your palate is tired of yogurt and oatmeal. However, a bowl full of mesclun won't keep you satisfied until noon — there are a few keys to getting the breakfast salad right. Here are five to keep in mind.


Discover a Better Way to Eat Fruit for Breakfast — Breakfast Matters

This year we're bringing grains to the breakfast bowl with the help of your everyday fruit salad. Together with a choice combination of fruit and grains — be it quinoa, barley, or farro — you can transform a light fruit salad into a hearty, one-bowl meal satisfying enough for breakfast, lunch, and yes, even dinner.

Here's what you need to know about this new way to breakfast including what grains to choose, how to pair them with fruit, and our cooking lesson on how to put it all together.


Steal This Bright Idea for a Pantry — Pantries to Pin

When Kevin and Amanda, the bloggers behind the appropriately named site Kevin & Amanda, moved the laundry room to another space closer to the garage, they knew they wanted to do something special with their new-found kitchen-adjacent space. The logical answer: a walk-in pantry.


The Fastest, Fanciest Way to Upgrade Boxed Mac and Cheese — 10 Ways to Upgrade Mac & Cheese

A box of instant macaroni and cheese carries a reputation of ease and comfort. While fancy isn't usually the first thing that comes to mind, it can be if you know how to dress it up. The fastest, fanciest upgrade is something you may already have in your pantry at this very moment. I am talking about good ol' garlicky, herby pesto.


6 Cozy Parties You Should Throw This Winter — How to Hygge

(Image credit: Alexis Buryk)

When it's freezing outside, the last thing you want to do is leave the comfort of your own home. Instead of putting off all social engagements until spring, have your friends and family over. Make them leave their houses and come to you! And make it up to them by throwing one of these laid-back and cozy parties that are sure to beat the winter blues. Bonus: None of these will break the bank.


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