Now Is a Great Time to Update Your Broom — Amazon Deal of the Day

Buying a new broom and dustpan is basically the last thing anyone thinks about — ever. Chances are, you've recently walked by a bunch of brooms at, say, the supermarket or Bed Bath & Beyond and you still didn't think to buy a new one. You got swept up, thinking about other things. Right? Yet you could probably use a new one? Consider this your friendly reminder and just buy one now.

Specifically, this angler boom from O-Cedar!


8 Things Smart, Friendly Cooks Do in Small Kitchens — Small-Space Kitchens

Want to be a good friend and have someone over for dinner — but dread trying to cook for more than you and your cat in a tiny kitchen? Don't be scared! Teeny-tiny kitchens are cozy, friendly, and can do anything a larger kitchen can do!

Just in case you need a little refresher, though, here are a few ways smart cooks handle cooking for more than one or two in a really small space.


When (and Why) to Use the Steamer Basket in Your Instant Pot — Tips from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Christine Han)

In addition to the handy (albeit slightly flimsy) steamer rack that came with my Instant Pot, you'll frequently find me using a more traditional steamer basket. It turns out, a metal or silicone steamer basket is good for more than just steaming veggies on the stovetop. In fact, it's also one of the most helpful tools to use with an Instant Pot. Here's why.


10 Ground Beef Recipes You Ate Growing Up That Are Still Awesome — Recipes from The Kitchn

Pick up a humble pack of ground beef on your next grocery shopping trip, and let dinner take you on a trip down memory lane. This budget-friendly meat is the beginning of so many childhood favorites, like beef tacos, pasta skillets, and sloppy Joes — all of which are just as irresistibly satisfying today. Here are 10 of our favorites that are sure to spark some nostalgia.


Queen Elizabeth Banned Garlic from Buckingham Palace — Food News

There are a lot of perks to being a royal. Queen Elizabeth II apparently drinks Champagne every day, is surrounded by adorable corgis, and owns so many diamonds her jewelry collection has its own curatorial staff. But news came out this past week that she never, ever eats garlic. Living in a castle sounds lovely, but it doesn't seem worth it for a lifetime without garlic.


Holy Petronus! You Can Get Pumpkin Juice at Starbucks. — Food News

(Image credit: @sasakitime/ Instagram)

This just in from the front page of the Daily Prophet: Starbucks has made all of your wildest dreams come true with pumpkin juice. The best part? You don't even have to go all the way to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to get one. Thank you, Starbucks. Thank you.


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